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King James Version: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

English Revised Version: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Websters Bible: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping animal that creepeth upon the earth.

And so it goes on in the same vein throughout more versions than I wish to count.

What does it mean and Who Is Us?

I have asked the question and pondered the answer, listed down around 20 different biblical versions of the same statement and a couple of things I find really interesting are:
Who said it was Ok for everyone, agreeing, disagreeing, non-judgemental, judgemental, zealot or not to copy each others books? Some of these people disagree with each others religions, some of these people persecute each other and yet they all have a very similar book that describes themselves as part of an Us?
We are obviously meant to be a global family - yes?

Why wasn't Jesus Christ the Teacher of love, healing and miracles Gospel included? Christ is constantly portrayed in art carrying a book. He was arguably the greatest or certainly most renowned 'medium' of all time as he channelled information from his Father to the people on earth.
He is said to have told people that they would do greater miracles than he.

Spiritual power (energy) can be physically felt. This is an undeniable fact and will continue to be exposed to the world at large through the internet and other avenues. People don't all have to believe it, however that doesn't make it untrue. As we continue through the course of this year and beyond, many more people, sceptic or not will experience visions, spontaneous healing, dreams that come to pass and miraculous coincidences.

I know from my own work that my energy is strong. I am working on unconditional love and compassion and releasing much dross from my field of energy/being. As I clear and release my energies are being raised.
I can only imagine the energy that must have been palpable within the field of Christ. As I access the Christ consciousness, glimmers of the bliss unfold and with this unfolding comes awe. My own energy, strength or determination to serve sometimes triggers a resistance in others who don't understand. Some are curious, some are rude. I am just a Deb. Working some miracles, sure.
The power, the energy and the love around Jesus Christ triggered fear, blood lust and crucifixion. He was teaching love. Love so powerful, so miraculously transformational people would follow him and take themselves away from war, away from servitude, away from materialism, as in love there is sharing and no one goes without. How are countries conquered and lands stolen with love? Exactly. Not suitable really then was it? Frightening even, for the powers that be. Best invoke damage control as quickly as possible, get rid of the guy and give his girlfriend a bad rap too in case she tries to establish any kind of teaching in his name. Fortunes are not made with this kind of free expression, but this time of free expression returns live and kicking.

I considered and pondered some more and then moved on to other things and let it all rest for a while.
One afternoon I was sitting daydreaming and in my mind I received a nudge and as I asked who was with me, I heard "ISIS" quite loudly. "Isis?" I asked, it was an interesting energy, very strong and straight, and I cast my mind forward into an Egyptian scene which dissolved and I heard "IS-US" pronounced as Isis would be.

I asked how do you spell this and was told "ISUS - Eye Suss, IS US. It is Us." I knew that I was hearing from the God representation, however realised something interesting; there was a male/female perspective shown and I was shown my hands drawing together in prayer. The right hand represents our masculine, the left is feminine, as we draw these together we bring our left and right sides into Alignment - harmonising our spirit and simultaneously creating a prayer position. This made perfect sense to me.

In some Chinese medicine it is said that clapping our hands together activates reflexology points, harmonising and healing our whole bodies. Western medicine sometimes flops around like a goldfish on the carpet while the wisdom of Eastern medicine has been proven over thousands of years. Also, clapping the hands together creates a sound wave that clears a room. Stuck or negative energy can be detected and cleared by clapping, and clapping at concerts clears the field or room of energies after a Show. As I draw my hands together I also see I am being shown an 80/20 rule, for 8 fingers point skyward, while two thumbs point at me, right around my brow or third eye area. This 80/20 split to me represents how much of our lives could be dedicated to the Higher Power or Spirit - and by this I include simply being grateful, serving others and concentrating on making our own personal world into a place of peace, and then how much should be dedicated to ourselves. I see it is a two way channelling device of its own as the energy flows in both directions. What we put out comes back to us.

ISUS are presented in the form of Man/Woman in order for us to be able to 'accept' them. In the vision I was shown the God Male/Female concept to be a palatable greeting team or a guidance team that worked for a much greater Divine/Universal group.
The Universal group primarily consists of Light.

ISUS then offered through me the following channelled session:

In order for you to experience this new beginning you must let go of the past. Old situations exist in your mind, Set them free like butterflies and watch them fly away. Mountains are climbed one step at a time. You are going to the top of the mountain and when you are there you will be queen/king of all you survey. This pain will pass, we are lifting the systems of your disbelief.

Dearest Child of God you are but one small part of a giant whole. Never are you separate. You are the end and the beginning. New life awaits you now for you are chosen for a magical journey. Be apart from the mistakes and the trials. Everyone has always done what they could with what they had and yes sometimes it seemed it wasn't good enough -you were chosen for these challenges and you also chose this. When you are further enlightened you will remember this.

You must spend time in meditation in hallowed halls, golden and orange and restore yourSelf to the Child of Light that you are. This information is for you and all humanity. Rest now, weep if you need to, you are reborn whole. ISUS via Deb Wharfe 04/05/2011

I continue to ask and witness more ways in which the balance of masculine/feminine is required. We all hold this balance individually and if necessary within partnerships, regardless of the sex of our partners. Each individual brings the required 'tools' to the table.
Words of creation must be used in order to come into alignment with your Divine energy, as with the personal power increasing, the magnetic field around the body increases, pulling forth into the field that which we concentrate on. You don't have to actively manifest, or believe in manifestation, but if you just observe for a while the way you operate in the world and the words you use, you will start to see the correlation between this and what shows up for you. Then it's likely that you will seek to take care with words and thoughts and with the way you bring new experiences and new people into your field. You will shine your focus on that which serves and avoid or refuse that which does not, creating a new clear space in which you will find more peace.

The magic word? Is LET. Let us create, Let us bring forth, Let there be, Let it go and Let it be.... a directive, that includes an element of allowing, there is no pushing, no forcing - using the word Let infers that you remove resistance. After all, they say 'Resistance is futile.' Have an idea, take two steps toward it and release it into Let.... as the Divine hand sweeps into your situation, as you release the need to control 'letting' the perfect outcome arise, you will find that miraculous solutions will come to pass, solutions that you could not have conceived within your limited Human vision.

World markets are now crashing, our own government is even bringing in a policy that has been introduced in America - trying to take control of home vegetable gardens, forcing small crop sharing people to become registered at great cost, our food is poisoned with genetic engineering and we are all racing to get somewhere etheric which actually takes us nowhere fast. We are being encouraged to create a sense of community as tragedy and need draws us together to look after each other, are we noticing this lesson and the opportunity it brings?

To call ourselves the Human Race is a realistic description although most people lack a plan and have no idea what their power consists of, we are definitely speeding up. I see that people have what they call 'A Faith' and yet these people have no faith and worship materialism, one-up-manship and want. As I see how many versions people have of Religion, and how really at the base level so much of it is the same, I see how if we all lived in the loving kindness that Christ expressed, scaring people into behaving well with Hell and Damnation would be completely obsolete. Faith rests firmly in the hearts of those who have felt the presence of greatness, religion or no religion, of those who have been uplifted and remember.

Faith is in active daily kindness, of living simply in the knowing that you are loved, of love and here to express love. In the time to come less people will take from each other, they will offer and barter kindness and services creating a more abundant world. Make a difference in this, your world today. Every little bit that you do does actually count. Release negativity, release emotions that don't serve your higher purpose, step more lightly on the planet, be responsible for the energy you create and put out and enjoy yourself.
It's meant to be a whole lot more simple than we make it.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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