Monday, May 21, 2012

Radical Positive Lifestyle Changes - Number 5 Year

2012 - a number 5 year - Change (amongst other things) has brought about some radical positive lifestyle changes for me.
1. Hair Allergy Test: Not for the fainthearted however as far as the Transformation Factor goes - it gets a 10/10 from me. As I've said before - tell me to go on a 'diet' and I will back away from you and make a mental note that you may well be a control freak. Tell me my body is having a constant allergic reaction to the rubbish I am making it process and that becomes an engineering issue, I am all good with the nuts and bolts of things. Out goes the crap food. Who would eat poison on purpose? That's like me getting daily bee stings on purpose. 
2. Throw in some adrenal support while I am streamlining - Yellow Diamonds. Wow If you are looking for a little help to release toxins, clear your mind and shed the stuff that weighs you down, rock on, this stuff is good. Mind you make sure its suitable for you.
3. Protein Shakes - I always thought these were horrific tasting things that bodybuilders and dieters used, funny, but I look forward to mine, because if you want a bit of fast food thats gonna help you - here it is. I had a couple a day for a while, but not for that long, now I have one every couple of days.
4. Mermaiding. Honestly. Suck it up and go have a splash, It's sooo good for you.
5. Surrendering. Because no matter what you think - you are just not in charge. Hand over the responsibility of 90% of the rubbish you are 'carrying round' - it's not yours.
6. STOP PRESS!!! More for the ladies than the men, Weleda Birch Scrub is really good for getting rid of that thing that shall remain unnamed that appears to be the bane of most womens butts and thighs..... (starts with a 'C' if you are needing further clues) I only discovered it last week and combined with all the other little wonderful things it is really good...
7. Naam Yoga. And here is a bit of oversharing for you - yes it's true - I was really nervous about going to Yoga incase I farted. One leg in the air and one leg out the window - I mean sooner or later it's got to happen right? Well it hasn't yet. Lol. And no I'm not gonna tell you when (I mean if) it does, but apparently there is even a FARTING Yoga - don't ask me what it's called. I bet someones brother started it.
And without taking any kind of supplements if you just get rid of the rubbish thats bogging you down mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally - you know you will be better for it. Indulge - yes indulge, no it's not a chore - in prayer, meditation or little rituals that include affirmations and maybe a lit candle. Bless your day and yourSelf each day and you will see radical positive changes in your life. And in comes more intuitive connection, a sense of freedom, more personal power, better self esteem (and my old favourite jeans that I LOVE to wear when I'm painting.)

It's just got to be good for you.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Deb why do you use a capital S in the word yourSelf?"

Moana asked why when I write, do I use a capital S in the middle of the word ‘yourSelf.’?

Thank you for your question Moana – I’m sure a few others have wondered, so here goes…

I do it because Self is so important. And while I am running around ‘mermaiding’, Free hugging people, doing healing, writing, etc I am indulging my Self. My identity is coming back.  I am free.

Society would have us blend in, conform, follow rules, it steals our identity, tells us that we are not to talk about ourselves, that we are not special, we shouldn’t hope for too much, stick to the grind, be on the treadmill, eat this, take these pills, listen to that….
Bugger that I say - too much herd of sheep mentality for me.

When I am working with someone (healing) I find they often don’t know who they are.
Their parents are stuck in their bodies, the weight of the world is on their shoulders, the monkey is on their backs, they are working for ‘the man’…  Their Self is nowhere to be found.

Like me – a few years ago when someone once asked what brought me joy? - they can’t answer.
 (I cried because I forgot I was real and mattered, and I couldn’t answer the question.)

But - if you pull all that rubbish out and off with healing then…?
Their Self is rebirthed – gifted back to them, they have their ‘Aha’ moment and realise they are right there and have been all along, just hidden under false layers. Energetically they were so bogged up with heaviness, crappy beliefs and rubbish that they could not walk forward. No wonder people get ‘stuck’ – and I know – I have had personal experience of not wanting to be on the planet, not wanting to take responsibility. I’ve had life ache.

So I use a capital S because ‘Don’t be selfish’ is one of the most personally disabling statements you can make to someone. Including You.  

In order to not appear selfish people stay stuck – in crappy lives, bad relationships, horrible jobs, visit rotten friends or family members out of duty* because they are pressured to not follow what their bodies are screaming to them. “This job is toxic, this person is toxic, this life is toxic…” the body reacts by falling down, breaking down and THEN people get mad with themSelves for being sick or broken. So Self was ignored, abandoned and lost and now Self is suddenly the bad guy?

Where is the nurturing and where is the love? – it all goes everywhere else.

Most people are not Selfish – they are Self Abusers. And some are almost scared of Self.  Your self would say – “I don’t want to go visit my mean sister.” Which creates a problem. What if you then
had to make a change?
Self wants to speak the truth. Self is power.  Many people find power daunting. What if you said “Well actually I don’t want to come and see you. I feel awful in your presence and relieved when I leave.” Would someone else have to improve their lives - or miss out on you? Who squashes your joyousness, yourSelf and why? Why do you let them?
Don't tell me it's easier - I will tell you it's toxic. Think about why and what you trade yourSelf for.
Could you do it? Could you be Self-ish - honour yourSelf? And avoid unnecessary toxicity in your life? Where are you not listening to Self and how could you be empowered if you did?
How bad would it be if you stood up for yourSelf? To you, and to others? What other people think of you is none of your business.
Examine 'I Must, I Should and I Have To' every time it comes out of your mouth. See if you can ignore the inappropriately and rather insidiously named 'voice of reason' that limits yourSelf, and do what you feel is best and honouring you.
Practice listening and see what happens...

*duty takes people to other countries to blow each other up and is to be avoided at all costs...
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012