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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking for Love

Looking for Love


If you were your own True Love, how delighted you would be with your own quirkiness. 

How beautiful you would find your curves, how courageous your scars and your marks left by lifes wounding and how very telling the well earned stripes of your stretch marks would look.

How gentle and patient you would be with yourSelf if something felt sad.

How carefully you would choose your words.

You would find yourSelf so funny, so beautiful, so kind and so caring. You would be awed with what a great person you are, even after all the challenges you have had. You would tell yourSelf not to be hard on yourself; that you always did the best could, that you are worth the very best life has to offer, and you would make sure you gave precious time to yourSelf.

You would surround yourSelf with good people and good ideas.

You would find yourSelf lovely little things to do, you’d light yourself a candle, you would take yourSelf constantly out on dates, fill your life with little kindnesses and you would give yourSelf the best experience ever of love, encouragement and delight.

You would adore yourSelf and want to hear what your heart has to say.

You would dream of the best things you could do, the best places you could go, and you would laugh about some of the dreams. And some would enter your heart.

You’d be ever so grateful for the miracle of you.

And if you did that?

You would be filled with light, with love, with encouragement, with delight…

You would be the You that You really are, cherished, honoured and loved.

You would be the One you can lean on, the One you trust, the One you seek out.

The One you are ‘looking for’ would be right on the end of your nose.

The other end, not the one we traditionally mean.

When you are that One, what often happens, is your resultant satisfied, joyous heartsong of overflowing love that resonates out into the Universe calls with the right harmony for a resonant heart to hear it.

In order to find this, find yourSelf.

You are your own most precious gift.

Pour all that love you are waiting to give someone into yourSelf, step into your own awesome sunshine and see the truth of your delicious magnificence one yummy drop at a time.

Would you?

I’d like that.

Deb x

Dear Friend

Dear Friend, 
                   I hear you having the same problem and being mad at people who are not doing what you want them to do. They are not treating you how you want to be treated.
You cannot control them. After all - if they tried to control you - you would consider it an insult. Leave them alone.
They are not treating you how you would like to be treated because...
a. You have not given them a guide by treating yourself well.
b. They are resonating to a different energy from the one your body/field is trying to move into.
It hurts because you are holding a finite vision of yourself.
It hurts because within it there is an absence of love.
One train of thought says people do 'mean things' to themselves and each other because they don't understand what 'honouring' is and they have forgotten who they are. Another train of thought says 'Every moment is perfect.'
In the Bible it says Adam went to sleep and nowhere does it say he woke up.
I find that interesting.
You must awaken in this body in order to make peace with what you feel are recurring 'problems.' Perfect learning is in each 'problem', perfect opportunities, perfect growth, strength, realignment, and so much more. Be ok with the lesson and it will work for you. Hold resistance and this resistance will cause you pain. You will have the lesson again if you refuse to understand it.
Every person on this planet has free will, and many are exercising it. You included. You have the choice to walk clear of painful situations and to also not turn you attention to pain.
Yet you wish to punish yourself by doing this.
It only needs investigating if you do not wish for peace.
Peace is with you when you choose to illuminate its presence.
Love is with you when you choose to illuminate its presence.
Limitless power is with you when you choose to acknowledge its presence.
Limitless power is you.
You are not broken. You merely need to step fully into your own shoes. 
And know you are dearly, divinely, always loved.
Deb x

Monday, February 25, 2013

Contentment is the Lotus

You are not missing out on anything. There is nothing to see on the other side of the fence. The grass is not greener there, but if you hanker after it - you may be fooled into thinking that it is.
Your magic is right where you are standing.
Water your own garden, sing your own songs and count your blessings. This is the surest and fastest way to be surrounded by magic and to welcome in miracles.
The rainbow does not come to you if you chase it - it is best appreciated from a distance, like all God's work. God is an impressionist painter. Standing close up will have you missing the point. And possibly getting crossed eyes.
Breathe. Still yourself. Stand back.
Have patience with your own process and allow yourself to know the peace in your own heart.
If the butterfly lands on your shoulder - you are blessed.
If it lands on the flower in front of you - you are blessed.
If it lands in the neighbours garden - you are blessed.
If there are butterflies on the planet - you are blessed...
You are blessed. It's enough.
Get to know it. Personal contentment is in this knowing.
And contentment is the lotus that holds happiness, truth, freedom, goodness, love, miracles and so much more.
Wishing you a day of contentment.
In love and miracles,
Deb x

Monday, February 11, 2013

Being the Change you wish to see... The DeLightScope

Here in NZ in the 5 years before June 2012, we lost 2717 to people to suicide.

At an almost giddy rate of 43.5 people per month - that’s 2717 too many.
Some of those people were recipients of text bullying.
How do we change that? So simply. We change the culture of languaging.

We don’t just want to ‘save’ people from depression, we want to teach them that happiness is simpler. We talk a lot about rights in this country. We all do have the right to be happy.

But it starts with us.

And that’s why I have created the DeLightScope.
The DeLightScope is FREE to join and is a text serving of love, support and inspiration to your phone on a Monday morning. It goes to hundreds of people directly and many more via sharing. And now it's available around the world via What'sApp?.

It's my initiative towards being the change I wish to see in the world.

And so I appreciate you taking a moment to read this.   

Here is a DeLightScope sample:  

May your week be filled with peace in the still moments.
May you have all the energy you need for the completion of outstanding tasks and a wonderful sense of achievement.
Success energy wraps around you warm and golden as you walk through your days.
Breathe and remember - when kindness and a loving heart are your guides you need to make room for your miracles.
In love and peace,

Deb x


‘Thank-you so much for your weekly messages, they help a great deal. They are beautifully worded and I feel like they are special messages just for me. A true delight! I pass a few on to my sister in law who has cancer and she finds them inspiring as do I. Thanks Deb' from Sonia.

'Deb's delightscope has been a HUGE inspiration to me. Nobody is fond of a Monday but with her words of encouragement and love I have found Mondays to be the highlight of my week. Ever since I have started receiving her messages my productivity has measurably increased and my momentum has doubled. I have even shared her DeLightScope with many friends and found her words have changed the lives of many.' W. Cahill

'Hi Deb your weekly DeLightScope has been a tremendous help to me especially over the last few months when my Dad passed away and there have been so many issues to deal with.  On the days I have really struggled I have reread them and felt your love and grace pick me up to achieve the things I need to.' J. Perren 

I' would like to say that the messages I have received from Deb Wharfe through her DeLightScopes have helped immensely to uplift so many people. For me personally, they have been inspiring, positive and encouraging as I recover from the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch.
I encourage you to continue to support this wonderful service.'
P. Cummins.

What can you do? You can share the DeLightScope.

Not all the people who need help, reach out for it via the appropriate government agencies and support schemes, but a huge percentage of them own a mobile phone.

Let the DeLightScope be a part of the solution. 
The DeLightScope, does change the culture of our languaging and makes it so, so simple to be kind to one another. Many are forwarded on. A text is personal, that’s why negative ones are so brutally effective.

Make it a personal dose of kindness in your pocket..

In this country, we need more kindness.

We need to stop shutting the gate after the horse has bolted, and focus on happiness.

I have around 80 similar testimonials, from everyday people just living life in New Zealand. Some are just dealing with the daily stuff, some have lost parents, husbands, are suffering from depression, or are in between jobs.

Please help anyone you can by sharing the DeLightScope.
What's in it for you?
I think that should be obvious.

My contact details are:

Deb Wharfe

Ph 021 726 276

Who am I? I am an established Natural Therapist based on the North Shore of Auckland, working with a world wide client base. Other Humanitarian projects have included a collection of 15 tonnes of aid relief for Niue Island in 2004, a pallet of goods and personal donations to Christchurch relief.
I also have an ongoing Free Hugs project. Taking it to the streets - over the last 5 years I’ve hugged several thousand Kiwi’s and tourists too.
As a child I was a member of the Brownies - and was taught to do a 'Good Deed Everyday' . It stuck to me like glue. A family member committed suicide 9 years ago and I am committed to helping create a better world to live in, one kindness at a time.
I believe in people, and that some of them just need to be reminded more often how special they are.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Your child's obsession...

What if your child is obsessed with something that you don’t approve of?

And so you divert them away from it because you believe it’s a waste of time - or it doesn’t suit current or traditional thinking - or it doesn’t suit you to help them pursue it.

You may feel judged by other parents around you because of their hobby or obsession.

What if that hobby or obsession was the key to their life’s purpose? What if they were a pioneer?
What if it takes them 40 years to get back to the suppressed part of themselves and what if they never get back?

Did this happen to you?
Are you allowing it to happen to someone else? 

I discussed this idea with James this morning and he made a very valid point.

In New Zealand if that obsession was rugby – a parent might drive that child all over the country. Many do.

Maybe your child's obsession doesn’t suit you - but what are the broader implications or opportunities for your child in this expanding world?

Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and many other people were probably considered to be 'obsessed. I’m sure we are all grateful for that. Bill Gates still is.  
And we are all communicating in this forum because of their work. 

Thank God for 'obsessed nerds' and people we don’t understand pursuing their dreams to fruition. 

When I was a child, there wasn’t a name for the work I do now. I knew I could do this, it all seemed  

Don’t try to put anyone in a box - we all have time for that later.  

Live the fullest expression of who you are and allow others to do the same regardless of how young or old they are.

Meeting them may turn out to be the biggest privilege you have in your life.