Monday, January 28, 2013

Your child's obsession...

What if your child is obsessed with something that you don’t approve of?

And so you divert them away from it because you believe it’s a waste of time - or it doesn’t suit current or traditional thinking - or it doesn’t suit you to help them pursue it.

You may feel judged by other parents around you because of their hobby or obsession.

What if that hobby or obsession was the key to their life’s purpose? What if they were a pioneer?
What if it takes them 40 years to get back to the suppressed part of themselves and what if they never get back?

Did this happen to you?
Are you allowing it to happen to someone else? 

I discussed this idea with James this morning and he made a very valid point.

In New Zealand if that obsession was rugby – a parent might drive that child all over the country. Many do.

Maybe your child's obsession doesn’t suit you - but what are the broader implications or opportunities for your child in this expanding world?

Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and many other people were probably considered to be 'obsessed. I’m sure we are all grateful for that. Bill Gates still is.  
And we are all communicating in this forum because of their work. 

Thank God for 'obsessed nerds' and people we don’t understand pursuing their dreams to fruition. 

When I was a child, there wasn’t a name for the work I do now. I knew I could do this, it all seemed  

Don’t try to put anyone in a box - we all have time for that later.  

Live the fullest expression of who you are and allow others to do the same regardless of how young or old they are.

Meeting them may turn out to be the biggest privilege you have in your life.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Love Allegory... The Shoes looked gorgeous in the window

The shoes looked gorgeous in the window.
The idea of wearing the shoes felt delicious.

All her life she had dreamed of having shoes like these, wearing them, how her life would feel once the shoes were in it. They were perfect.
It was a match made in heaven and finally she had got to a place in her life where the shoes would be hers.

She tried them on. They rubbed a tiny bit and were a little bit high, but she thought she could handle it. They were so beautiful, they would stretch and give - and end up being perfect.

They would get used to her feet.

Everyone said they looked amazing together. She would spend time admiring them. She loved them. Wearing them hurt a bit, but the blisters would stop eventually.

She was in love with the idea of the shoes, but eventually she had to admit her feet were killing her and there were times when she wanted to wear the shoes so badly, but she knew that they were too painful. She wore them short distances instead, and came to understand, that even over those short distances the shoes did not support her.

Yes the idea of them was good. They were like her drug.

One day the pain became too much and she put them back on the shelf.

She looked at them from time to time.

And sometimes she tried them on. In her mind she dreamed of wearing them - of dancing in them joyously, being blissfully happy in them. Wishing hard.

Once she wore them to the supermarket, but as soon as she walked in, she knew it was a mistake. She limped home, her heart sore, the disappointment was so great.

They hadn't stretched and given where she had needed them to, they made her teeter and not feel sure of herself. She realised the little whispers that said ‘No’ were worth listening to, even though they felt like they were trying to steal her joy…

They held so much promise and they had so much potential, but the shoes didn't change her life.

Only she could.

She realised that she was looking on the outside for something that she needed to grow within.

And that the way she walked was more important than a pair of shoes.

Her feet were what supported her and she should take care where she put them, and what she put them into.

She invested in putting her best foot forward.

And, walking with heart instead of her mind, she decided to just love where she was standing.

It changed everything.  

She became love.

The love fitted her better than any pair of shoes, and that love drew new love to her, new love that honoured her better than trying to squeeze into anything that didn’t feel right.

Her path was paved with love and bathed in light.
 Her feet felt fabulous. And her heart said 'Yes'.
Deb Wharfe (c) 2013


Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Mothers Ode to her Gaming Son

A Mothers Ode to Her Gaming Son

I have received a rather controversial 'message' as I opened my consciousness around gaming.

 Just going to share and see where it goes – feels like a rant coming on.

Do with it what you will...

Gaming is not responsible for deaths. Schools are attacked by individuals with a problem about school, or schooling.

A school, to me is generally an old world way to get the message across - in a new world.

I used to say to my children... ‘if school teachers had a cardboard box around their heads, you would learn more’. They could repeat, word for word, things they heard on the TV once.
Media/TV is a tool, an information centre.
Our children in New Zealand learned valuable things from Barney (I love you, you love me) and Sesame St (How to COUNT AH-AH-AHHH!) and Kindness from Po and… Tinky Winky?

We learned how to drop pianos on roadrunners (Warner Bros) how to wake people from a sleep with true love’s kiss (Disney) and how to pick on people, blow things up and that ‘HAAAAIIYA’ was the sound of a karate chop, from the Muppets.

One of the reasons why children brought up in nice homes go off to school and exhibit their pain by taking other children out - is that schools have been their centre of pain. 

Schools are places where children are judged, bullied, measured and tested.

If the children are lucky, they meet that one teacher that celebrates them, not just teaches them, but leads them and inspires them. This is a true gem in schooling.

Many of our teachers nowadays, are marking papers and marking time - as our out of control children who don't speak their language are losing touch with them -because they go too slowly. Their mental reflexes are faster, their decisionmaking is faster. Their perception is heightened to allow for multitasking.

Our children aren’t bad, they are bored.

Why? Because we don’t give them enough ‘credits’.

It’s no wonder they are depressed.

The real world doesn’t hold enough magic – they can see that their parents feel like drones, speak like they are drones, and just may be drones – working in a broken model.
What's attractive about living out your life being that miserable? Why join that 'real' world?
Does it sound that attractive to you when you hear yourself? When you look in the mirror?
If you were honest, isn't it a little like being trapped in someones bad movie?

Aren't you just a little over it too? 

Gaming isn’t evil – it’s evolution. The real darkness in humanity is and always has been - man’s inhumanity to man. You serve your part here and I've discovered something.
It's not so great for a child's self esteem, when you consider your child a 'leper' because he or she is gaming.

YOU are infusing them with the energy of ‘you are not good enough’ or ‘you have bad habits’ or ‘you don’t communicate anymore’. In reality they are communicating – with people on the other side of the world – with people that share common bonds and with people that are real people. They are just not communicating with you.

Because you are judging them.

The people they are communicating with - like your children and like you – want and need the same things. They, like your children and like you – are asking questions, challenging, growing, experiencing and doing all the other things.
Most of them aren’t bad people either. Like you.

The child who plays video games is not escaping the world, but he may be doing his best to escape your judgement.
And the idea of a large percentage of crime (violent or otherwise) due to video gaming is flawed.
People who go without - don’t all steal things, just like people who are poor aren’t all miserable. People steal what is trending at the time.
Once it was TV’s. Once it was cars. Once – it was land. Aren't some of us still trying to do that?

The crime rate doesn’t go up because people are influenced by gaming, it goes up because people are broken. They're broken when their team loses and when bad things happen to them. Things they can't see a way out of.

There have always been new things that were viewed as bad, or misunderstood by older generations. Change was and is, often considered dangerous.

‘Rock and roll’ was considered disgustingly rude as it was the African American terminology for the act of intercourse. Elvis showed up - gyrating his pelvis, to the horror of 'decent' parents all over the world. He was not only gorgeous, he was necessary, and you would think the lessons he taught – drugs are bad, excess isn’t good for you either, and celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – would have fallen on less deaf ears.   

So a parents new pet hate, or should I say dislike? of gaming might be a little off centre.

Maybe it’s just something a lot of us don’t understand.

It is developing now for brain training – for city building – for cognitive therapy, to aid in recovery from depression or motor inhibiting illness and illnesses such as alzheimers.
My son Caleb has been gaming for a while. I’ve been judging him for it.
Yes it takes up a lot of time. And yes he has been shut away sometimes doing it. Because he felt really bad about enjoying it.

He has been gaming, and sort of, well, ‘killing people’. 

Despite that fact, that he is a really great boy, clever, articulate and interested in so many things, including countries all ever the world,  he is so kind and a good entertainer too.
He 'does' voices and he is wickedly funny. I probably haven’t realised until right now actually, his interest in world events has been piqued, his general geographical knowledge expanded, and most certainly his reflexes have been aided by the games he has played.
He is a very quick thinker, and also a bit of a cynic.

So – here is my statement:

If your child is gaming – he or she is not a leper.

Gaming is the modern kid’s interactive replacement for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

They KNOW it’s not real. They can watch real life horror any day of the week on The News at 6pm.
Gaming didn't start WW1, WW2 and it won't start WW3.

Kids have a new social network as new generations always do.

Hey - we have facebook. What is that if it’s not a massive social interactive game?

Same thing really isn’t it?

Maybe you are not ‘killing’ people, but some of you are sharing things from time to time that make other people wince. There are activists happily sharing things I can’t look at. Someone has to. It’s not my thing, but it’s theirs. Doesn’t mean I don’t share in supporting their cause – I just don’t look.
I’ve been getting endless FB invitations to games I don’t play and I've been very surprised how many people get up at 4am to water their sweetcorn.

I am not a gamer. My form of entertainment is writing. To do it – I often shut myself away. Often times I’m much more isolated more than a gamer. I think and write about all sorts of things, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to run someone through at the post office with a pen and I certainly won’t club them to death with my laptop.

The President of the NRA (National Rifle Association) in America mentioned every classroom now needs an armed guard because they are dangerous places. I’m sure to many people it feels like that, but perhaps some classrooms always were dangerous places for children’s gentle spirits and perhaps it’s time to take a close look at how our children are falling through cracks and I know it's time for us to do something about it.

I am not saying bad parenting is the issue, I’m not saying bad teachers are the issue, I’m not saying gaming or guns are the issue either. I'm just offering an idea. Keep up with your child as best you can and really be mindful that our children are sponges.
Here is an example...

I met a wee girl once at a day care facility who helped with a tidy up at the end of the day.
She had a wee broom and a wee pile of dust.

As she finished, the day care ladies nudged me. I watched her pick up the edge of the carpet and with a SWOOSH, she swept her pile of gatherings under it, dropped the mat, dropped the broom, clasped her hands together and smiled expectantly in a saintly helper-ish fashion. 

“Thank you SO much for helping us”, said the day care ladies… ‘is that the way Mummy does it?”

A firm nod, nod, nod and the smile grew bigger as the ponytail bobbed up and down.
Beaming smiles all round from the day care ladies, and a general muffled hilarity at Mummy – whoever she was – being so delightfully ‘busted’.

She ran off to play.

We cracked up laughing after the appropriate amount of distance between us deemed it safe.

A good reminder that even from a very early age, YOU and your ideas are being viewed, infused into and interpreted by, not only your children, but all the children around you - whether you are a teacher, parent, taxi driver, petrol pump attendant.

The village is raising your child and children strip everything back to bare basics.
They see into the heart and into the truth of you nowadays, more than ever before.

If you call people fat, chances are you’ve just given the green light to a bullying inspired comment.
If you call people ugly, useless or stupid, you are doing it too.
If you don't listen to them - they won't listen to you. You fix it. You're the big one.
Don’t demand their respect, then act like an intolerant ass. Earn it.

If a child does their best in an exam or is dreamy in class and they are judged as not good enough, by a figure they consider to be an authority, they will believe it and it will affect the way they present themselves sooner or later.

If they need me later for therapy I will charge them more than $90 per hour.

Sort them out now. Tell them they are amazing, find a way to speak their language. Reach them.
Because they are amazing. And they live in a different world to the world you do. When they grow up, their options are different. The world is anything but static.

You might imagine they are dreamers, like John Lennon. A dreamer genius, if I was his mother, I would have been terribly proud of him.
He is right – he is not the only one. Dreamers bring us innovation, and the technology you are using now. Your technology is already out of date, because another dreamer has eclipsed it doing something that other people imagine is impossible.

There are people in the world who call themselves peaceful, justifying an army from one country entering, maiming and killing people in another. That’s ok? How?
What if the 6pm news was the trigger?

Our opinion of our children is crucial in their world.
Their self worth is at stake here. Let it be ok that they have a new way.

We all did. Punk rock, bad hair and big shoulder pads made the statement when I was 17.  

My gaming son and I had a big chat before both the boys went to Australia for Christmas.

The penny had finally dropped for me, I worked out who he was and realised that if I didn’t show up and be honourable about his choices and his passions, he was going to feel bad about himself. Like part of him wasn’t good enough, or that he had to hide a part away.

So we set up a blog. It’s called NZRadioGamer.

He told me he would start blogging after he came home from his holiday and he did. He has posted a few posts, and a few days later he tells me that the monthly stats show that he has had 100 hits.

Actually, I told him – they are not a monthly reflection yet.

He had been active since the 10th of January – the target date he set for himself.

100 hits in 8 days tells me he has an audience. It took me longer than that.  

I am proud of his posts. He entertained me and he has balanced opinions and a plan to explain all facets of gaming to adults and kids, with good recommendations, reviews, brain training and all sorts of other wonderful things. Featuring Playstation vs. XBox and a raft of games.

He'll back it up with voice-overs and more. And if it becomes his career by the time he leaves school, then I will feel humbled and honoured that I have played a part in giving him his wings.

So. I am not condoning violence, and you will see if you take a look at Caleb’s blog, that neither is he. What I am saying is there is currently a broken model, and maybe there is a bias that shouldn’t exist.

Sick people are sick, no matter what the impetus is for their expression of the pain.
When we heal the pain, hear the person, meet the need - we heal the problem. 
Despite the fact that I aim my life at peace, I know there will always be some way that people will pull negativity out and give it a good trot.

Just don’t let it be you if you can help it.

If this helps you understand your gaming child better, (and I know it will help some of you) then actually, it’s my child’s patient grace with me that brought it through. And I am grateful for that while I’m still learning.

Don’t you be the one to shut down the lines of communication or to judge or persecute…
You might have thought Picasso was an irreverent, artistically mindless ass.
But I bet you would love to own a piece of his original artwork now.

Remember. You are the grown up.

You know everything.


Didn’t think so.

In love, miracles, innovation and everything else wonderful, magical and worth taking a love inspired look at.

Deb Wharfe

Auckland, NZ


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Please show me the way...

If you are complaining in any way about how your Dream Life feels out of reach,
ask yourself this…

“would my Dream Life contain me, standing in the middle of it complaining?”

If you are complaining - you may be actively working against Dream Life because you are focusing on negatives – flip the negative round and look at it from another side – it will be an upside down opportunity. Repositioning brings blessings.

So welcome it energetically. Hold the thought of your Dream Life in your mind, breathe in and breathe out and just transport yourself there by imag(in)ing that you are already in it.

How will you feel?

What amazing things come into your mind when you are doing this?

Where are you? Have a look around.

Now draw a cord from yourSelf to the actualisation of that Dream Life and imagine you are pulling yourself along the cord, gently, slowly. Take a step.

Open your eyes and consider this…

In order for you to be in your Dream Life – you have to know/feel that you deserve it. Know that miracles are possible, and not only that – your world is flooded with them, when you have the eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to feel.

Your ‘dream’ life is only a dream because you are not fully engaged with it yet.

Tell the Universe you understand (if you do) that you are here for your special mission and you are willing to pick up the cord and use it as a handrail to steady yourself with as you walk along your path. If you get lost or feel you have strayed off your path, spiritually reach out again for your ‘handrail’, steady yourself by breathing. And take baby steps.

One at a time builds your confidence. Make a little time to sit still and let the Universe know you are open to the messages and suggestions you need to know to get sorted.

You’ve got work, the most blissful, blessed work to do.

Love your work, Miracleworker, keep on keeping on.
It’s all worth it.
Your best friends are these five words "please show me the way" and if you couple them with a willingness to follow hunches (another words for divine inspiration) then the world is your oyster...
Are you open to receiving grace?
"I am open to receiving grace."
Wishing you blissings and blessings.

Deb x

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 'Words Are Magic' Rant...

As I sort through stats on why I ask for the weekly text message - DeLightScope - to be supported or sponsored, I wish to share with you a few insights.

I just read something on the net which said "The road to no-fear is scary." and it struck me how true that is.

Our youngest suicide victim appears to have been around 6.

And we’ve had 10 recorded as that – ten children under 10 years of age in the last 5 years. But more not recorded that way – apparently it's been a practice of the coroner to list a suicide as an accidental death in cases of young children.

Because it is just too devastating for families to deal with the label ‘suicide’ alongside the already devastating loss they are going through.

Being abused by someone with power over you can easily create a situation where you believe there is no way out. And when you are small, and frightened into submission with strength or threats, help seems impossible.

So there are times when I understand.  

We have lost 2717 people between July 2007 and Jun 2012 to suicide.

Bird flu or any other flu is a total ‘walk in the park’ compared.

I want to talk more about depression. We don't just have a problem with depression, we are good at it.

Here in New Zealand we have a massive problem with happiness. And the need to cut down tall poppies or rain on peoples parades. Having simple fun is sometimes still frowned upon as if the party lights should be out and the black-out curtains pulled firmly down.

But the war is over.

Peace is trying to invite you in.

And yet we resist it. Why?

Focusing on the depression isn't uplifting and while it provides support - it isn’t the answer, all we are seeing is more depression.

What we pay our attention to becomes our reality. Our attitude IS everything.
What we dwell on is what we eventually dwell in.

To me, depression is multilayered.
Sometimes it's a deep and powerful life crisis that brings grief.

It can be:
A powerful sulk.

Chemical or hormonal imbalances come into play.

Spiritual energies get out of balance.

A willingness to hold onto hurt, blame, guilt, shame and the ‘way things could have been.’

A refusal to take responsibility and sometimes it’s avoidance of engaging with life.

And in some cases it can be an identification with the pain of humanity. 

I’ve been in the ‘dangerzone’ and I know I was experiencing all of these things.

Sometimes it is a multilayered life crisis.


One thing is true.

I have been happy when I had very little.

Depression is not caused by poverty.


It’s enhanced by it perhaps.


Depression is caused by pressure. Pressure to conform, to succeed, pressure from self, pressure from society. Sometimes it’s caused by overload of being too chosen and too responsible for everyone and sometimes it’s caused by not feeling chosen, special or by being left behind.

Words cut and maim peoples psyche.


Could you imagine for example, being told you were stupid and ugly all your life?

Some of you have lived through this.

You may still be carrying the scars inside you. They can be removed.

When someone says ‘I love you’ it’s the most amazing thing in the world. When they say ‘I don’t love you’ or ‘I love someone else’ it’s incredibly devastating. And when you had your life all mapped out, it can have the effect of derailing your whole train.

That is a life crisis. You are fully within your rights to have a melt down, but don’t – for God’s sake as well as your own, and everyone else around you – don’t just automatically tell yourself you are depressed. Words are powerful.

Humans have a right to process emotion in any way necessary.

I never called myself depressed, because I believed the power of the label was huge. Some people will attach you to that and there you will stay.

People around me must have realised I was, or at least suspected it as I walked around in a fog.


In cases where someone is ‘diagnosed’ with something – there have been misdiagnoses as well.

Get second opinions, self medicate with gentleness as much as possible, ask ‘where am I hurting myself?’ How do I feel about this situation? that situation?, often people feel trapped and it’s about taking personal power back. We think we have to be nice all the time, and we only have to do our best. Sometimes someone else is energetically leaning over us and that can be awful.

Oppression can feel like depression. You are not as trapped as you think you are, but an oppressor will have you disempowered enough to believe it. Ask.


Ask yourself – if I wasn’t so scared, how would I be experiencing this?

And get energetic help if you need it.

Everyone could do with an energetic scrub. Imagine feeling as if all the layers of ‘stuff’ you have been carrying around are cast off? You are lighter, freer and feel  younger and more able to be you.


I work on clearing life situations all the time. And the energy around them.

And you may not realise how very simple that actually is – because we are led to believe things are hard.

We are the Kiwi’s – we have a myth that says we are tough, resilient and we can struggle our way through anything. If you are identifying with that, you are identifying with hardship.

The word struggle and it’s similar friends can be struck from anywhere you use it in your vocabulary to make your life instantly easier.


My friend Pryce told me a little story a while ago, and I’ll share it.

He broke his arm or wrist – I’m not sure which and the Doctor told him he would take six weeks to heal. He was spending a lot of time training and was really challenged by this. He likes to think he is tough and a whole lot of other things. And why not.

He made up his mind that six weeks wasn’t good enough, and said “NO. I will heal my body in three.”

He did, and was back in the gym fast.

His comment that sticks with me is this… “It was then that I realised Winning is a form of magic.”

It’s true.

So simple. Which shows us again, what we dwell on is what we ultimately dwell in.

He created his own miracle.

It’s possible he could have said two weeks. What else is possible?

When I was having my children, as all Mums might, I came to a moment when all the birth horror stories got me. I panicked a bit and then consciously decided that giving birth was simple.

People do it and keep working with their baby strapped to their backs. Why could that not be possible for me? I could have an easy, short birth. After all – and I apologise here if this is a bit much for the fainthearted – ‘what goes up, must come down’.
My experiences were both good. It's not the whole answer, but it's good to be open to this.  


You create your world. You really do. You have the power and if you feel like you don’t then you gave it away, or someone took it from you. Most likely, believe it or not, just with words.


 If you are having trouble (having trouble is the same as struggling) letting go, you can have your ‘aha’ moment about what right you have to control the way someone else lives. You can have your ‘aha’ moment about what right they have to control you.

You can have your moment of recognition about clutching the past and failing to see the incredible present or the shining future because your hands are full of dust.

There is absolutely NO MAGIC in holding old emotional pain. Come on.

Who does it serve? The past is an idea in our minds.

Sometimes NO is the best friend you could have.

When you say YES all the time, people forget to notice you have needs.

YOU forget to notice you have needs. After a while (and this may be once a month or more for the more hormonal ones) something is triggered in you that says HEY!!!

'What about me? It isn’t fair… I’ve had enough, now I want MY share…'

If you are a child of the 80’s you’ll remember the song and you may be singing...

If you can identify with that in any way, it would be great if you bring life back to basics.

If you want ‘more’ – take a look at what this more is. It’s my bet it’s not a thing, rather it’s a feeling.

A feeling of wellness, fullness, being loved.

We can eat all we like, but if we are not spiritually full – and I don’t mean spiritually as in running round constantly going to prayer meetings, churches or workshops, I mean – if our spirit isn’t nourished - we are sometimes stuck. Lifeless, blocked. Call it what you like. 
Ordinary people talk about being in high spirits, low spirits, having broken spirits, we all have a spirit. And there is a spirit of enterprise, a spirit of sportsmanship – some bad, some good.
It's an essence.

Depression is a symptom of a squashed spirit. I’m not saying you are broken.

Take your spirit out. Listen to it. Smooth it out. What does it need?

I’ll give you a couple of clues.

Gentleness is a biggie.

No nitpicking. No self recrimination. The past is done, you can’t go back and change anything, but you can change the way you view it and change the way you feel about carrying it around.

Punishing yourself (your spirit) with ‘could haves’ or ‘should haves’ or regrets is not going to get you out of this sulk, or this horrible hole.

Good food, friendship and sometimes that means you have to learn how to be a friend so you can make some, self love – yes I know that is hard – but have a good listen, if the voice that you use to nag yourself sounds suspiciously like your Mother – tell it to go have a cuppa. She may have been programmed by the fear that was left over from surviving a war. Post traumatic stress disorder – was/is a life crisis. Medicating a person may appear to be necessary and sometimes, maybe it is necessary, but soothing the spirit is crucial.

Soothe yours.

You are not what you have been told. You are not bad. You are not ‘not good enough’.

So what if you have been judged?

So what if you don’t conform to someone’s narrow minded ideal of who you ‘should’ be?

Let them look after their own dirty laundry before they try sorting yours. It’s your business who you are. We don’t have the right to sit in judgement over each other – we really don’t. There is not one person on the planet with your experience, your makeup, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise.

If you have done the best you could with what you had – it’s enough.

And there are days when doing the best you could have included being a grump. So what?

You have been sometimes hanging onto the planet by your fingernails.

It’s tough here. All you were doing when you did that; was recognising it’s tough.

And getting through.

Sometimes you should have a medal, but nobody tells you how amazing you are. Or you are so numb to the fact you might be, that when they do – it doesn’t sink in. Because soothing yourSelf is not a priority.

Staying upright is.

So my suggestion, if you are finding it hard to stay upright, is actually to lay down. Imagine you are rubbing balm on those scars. And breathe.

If you close your eyes until they are almost shut and you can see little sparkly things darting about – you will be looking at life force energy. It’s called Chi in China, Ki in Japan and Prana in India.

Scientists call it orgone, bio plasma and other names.


When you breathe in this energy, you are breathing in a perfect, untainted energy that has the universal  idea in it. It’s not the same as the energy you have contained in your body. This energy has all your ideas in it. If they are not supporting your best benefit, they will be stopping you from feeling great. This is a truth more than any other that you will probably read today.


Breathing is good for you – no kidding? You say…

 If you will pardon the very obvious fact that it supports your life - breathing with this knowledge of ki, chi etc  and an intention to circulate wellness – has the potential to also change your life.

I’ll say it’s words that are a form of magic and if you have ever been ‘spellbound’ by a book, movie or story – you will know exactly what I mean.

With each word you speak about yourself, your life experiences, expectations etc – you are weaving the magic story of you.

It’s the way you use them that creates the magic and that is why the DeLightScope is such a powerful tool for the upliftment of humanity. Because people need grace, kindness and gentleness and they need their power back.


Make sure your magic works for you in the best way possible.
And if you need me to help you do that - I'm here.

 Deb x