Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love inspires

Love inspires creativity and freedom and should never be a prison.
Love is not target practice or name calling, love is a being space where quiet contentment rests as you bear witness to the beauty around you.
Love is knowing that even if you don't row your boat gently down the stream, the streams love will carry you as long as you are grateful for and observant of its flowing.
Love is within yo
u - its petals rest in your heart waiting for the moment to flower.
Love is a word, a look, a knowing and a calling from your heart.
Love is not reasoned out in a discussion with your mind and love is not settling for second best.
Love is about choosing yourself and infinite possibilities, it is about generosity of spirit, laughter and joy.
Love requires a clear space, fertile ground, fresh air and water and sunshine in order to bloom.
Love, like a stream flows best along the path of least resistance.
To experience great love within yourself you must be unafraid of your own shining, you must be willing to dedicate yourself both to your own capability for greatness and fully embrace your worthiness to receive and be a living expression of love. 
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Falling into Grace

Eagle Nebula, Nasa Images
When we are in our place of light, that gold bathed area after a healing when all the world has faded away and we are just held in the beauty of truth. That feeling we have in our body/field right then - that is who we are. Bliss is ours by Divine right. All we are doing with this rushing to enlightenment business, is trying to get to that state of bliss and make it permanent. Here is the thing though, in order to reach that state in healing, someone connects you to the source energy. You can connect you to the source energy at any time you wish, by allowing yourself to fall into grace. Falling into grace involves letting go. Letting go of all the worries (I call them junkmail) letting go of all the attachments you have to outcomes, and trusting. If you trusted, you would know all the outcomes would be in your best benefit. To find your state of grace, you have to look for it, but once you have found it all you have to do is practice a little and it's there as soon as you remember you are connected to it. The funny thing is, some people would called that 'healed' - but I think it should be called 'held' - held because you are held, gently, safely, lovingly in the arms, wings or the heart of who you truly are. And that, my Dears is most definitely grace. 
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speaking love through the minefield

You know sometimes its a minefield of what you should and shouldn't say - according to others. No matter what you say - someone could have a view that you get it wrong... What matters is what's right to you.
You have a right to express your opinion, to vote with your feet, to go where you wish and do what you want - I forgot that for a long time. And now I remember. My opinion matters to me. There is an expression that goes 'What other people think of me is none of my business.' I like it. Some people would think it was arrogant. I choose to believe it is empowering.

You do the best you can with what you have. Sometimes you speak from your own experience, sometimes you speak from the heart, sometimes you open your mouth and your Mother jumps out of it and you think to yourself 'oh my goodness - WHERE did she come from? I NEVER thought I would sound like my mother.' Always though, you do the best you can. And this is relative. You can't stand in someone elses shoes, with their childhood, background, upbringing or psyche and tell them you know how they feel. All you can do is trust. People will do what they wish to do with the information you give them. They will run it through their own filter system, as you do with information that is given to you, and that's ok.

The thing is, if you don't say what you need to or feel you have to say, then you are denying yourself a voice. Denying yourself a stand or an opportunity to grow. As long as you speak from a place of love - whatever you are speaking will do the job it is meant to do, no matter what the outcome is. The outcome is none of your business. All that matters is the love.
(c)Deb Wharfe 2012

Face Reading

Face reading: A triangle on the brow.

If you have two lines that form into an upwards pointing arrow above your nose, you share something in common with Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa's face says "I am here for the service of the world." Her three most obvious indicators are the 'dropped' part at the end of her nose, her softly rounded chin and this angle above her eyes. To have these all together displays a personality best suited to service on a large scale.
Note: Your face will change according to what you focus on. The interesting thing about the arrow is apparently - if you have one and you do naughty things - you are very prone to getting caught.

The good news is - you can give yourself a facelift by smiling.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bryce Courtenay

I love this quote by Bryce Courtenay and it's so relevant to the past life discussion - something to ponder and to draw on - after all, if you were a past life artist wouldn't you like to bring that talent forward into this one? 
 "You inherited a thousand generations of wisdom, skill, poetry, song, all the sunrises and sunsets of knowledge past.
You are the sum of all the people who went before you."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lessons from the bush

Countless waterfalls cascade here
Roaring, bubbling and cicadas.           
There is no peace in the bush, no quiet, no
stillness, all is movement, all is life and growth, death and decay supporting new life. You may imagine you are sitting still, but you are a settling point, a landing pad, and a source of life should you stay for a time. The lilting, roaring, thrust of the water finds its path through, round, under rocks, the trees grow, the ground swells with new life, nourished by the passing of the old. Everywhere you look seedlings have taken root.

The bush is more dense, more vibrant, more alive every time I go there. It has grown further, closer in around the site where my father died. In the magic light of the morning and into the early afternoon I sit with a friend, allowing myself to be hypnotised by its wildness, lulled by the movement, dazzled by the dappled sunshine on the rushing, bubbling, joyous waters, serenaded by the birds, and I remember once again why he loved this bush so very much.

This bush is also woven into the fabric of my soul.

It is a place from my childhood so filled with teeming life and memories I know will always bring me back. Last time I visited it felt sad and mournful, grief stricken and heavy. The hum of life had a different resonance. There has been much water under the bridge since. Forgiveness has visited and cleared spaces for sunshine and light to pass through. A clarity exists now where there was sadness. Gratitude for a journey taken and for the growth it also supported.     

I viewed a fern self-seeded on the side of a rock and wondered how long it could stay in such a position -  to me it seemed life was precarious there. I received a reply that I didn't expect.
"We have chosen to be here - this means we have to get used to the movement."
Reflecting on that I have to admit that's a philosophy many could adopt.

Water flows around, water takes the natural course, water finds a way and when it needs to water can create canyons.
We should flow so. Finding the natural path, wending our way through, over and around obstacles, trips, traps and gullies in our paths. Moving on, allowing, letting go, foward always, flowing into our next phase of life, eternally changing, refreshed and whatever we need to be at any given moment. Adopting the formless attribute of water, becoming the shape of that which we find ourselves in. Embracing a new vessel, a new form and opening to possibilities, cascading over boundaries and searching for pastures new.

I'm grateful for the beauty and the simple lessons that such moments in nature bring.
(c)Deb Wharfe 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Past lives...

Past lives trigger trickle down effects in current life behaviour in really interesting ways. Phobias, aversions, bad dreams etc. If you have bad dreams, don't brush them off as if they are nothing, find out what they are about and consider carefully that you may be processing something which needs to be completed and cycled out of the body. One of my own Past Life 'trickle down' experiences follows: When I am invited for dinner at anyones house I often ask them what is on the menu because I don't eat pork. I used to just tell them I was 'Jewish in a Past Life haha' and hope that they didn't probe further. But people who eat pork sometimes are crazy for crackling and they LOVE pork, so they always say 'fancy not getting to enjoy bacon - whats WRONG with you?" I tell them that I eat bacon and also ham and then get the argument that "bacon and ham ARE pork so what's the difference?" (please stop here if you are squeamish) There is a massive difference for me because although I am only 43 now I remember being a prisoner in the Second World War and along with an aversion to authority there is a memory for me that includes a smell.
In the fires after the gas chamber the burning flesh of people smelled like pork cooking, and not only do I not eat pork, but if someone was cooking it, I couldn't be in their house because it literally made me feel like running outside and vomiting.
This memory was not with me as a young child, as a young child I ate pork a few times - it kicked in at an older age, maybe late teens, something triggered it for me.
Visiting Dacchau in my twenties was a profound experience - walking through the gate was incredibly difficult and there was a photograph of one young man that I particularly identified with and was stricken by. As I walked through the gas chambers by the furnaces I thought to myself - something is different here - this is not exactly right. At the end of the visit I found myself laying down on my belly taking a photograph of the view from under the barb wire fence with such a longing in my heart that I knew I had been there before on the other side of the wires. After an acceptance of what I went through I now can be in the house while pork is cooking, the extreme aversion has left me, but I have never cooked it and still don't eat the meat.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The more of a control freak we are the more we hang on to stuff. Everything is energy. Everything. When we let go of the energy it's gone. We either hold it or we don't. If we get a kick back from holding it, ie sympathy or pleasure out of making someone else feel bad, or if we actually enjoy the pain, we are not going to let go of the energy. It's up to the individual. And when the individual realises how simple it is and all the struggle has been is a foil to blind the obvious simplicity at the heart of it all, the letting go is such a relief. Nobody has to be right any more, nobody has to win, nobody has to be the good guy, the bad guy or the bigger guy. There is no fight because everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. The struggle within is the only battle you really had, as all outward battles reflect your inward turmoil. You can run, you can punch, you can scrawl on the walls, you can swear, you can cry, you can rant, and all that does is create more energy unless you are ready to stop. When we let go of the need to let go - we are allowing instead. Allowing the magic to creep up on us, allowing the stillness to surround us. Allowing ourselves to be held by the simplicity. When we point our fingers at others we have three pointing back at us, indicating it is so much more important to ask ourselves why. When we cease pointing the finger in pain and open our arms in acceptance we bring peace.
(c)Deb Wharfe

Your resonance...

Your own words have a resonance when combined with the vibration of your field that creates a 'story' around you. When you are functioning in your highest, clearest space, your clearest words and your harmonious vibration turn your 'story' into a key that unlocks your treasure chest. What's in the treasure chest? Unlimited abundance - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional - your Divine life. This is why it's important to learn and grow through trials and hardships you suffer and allow them to pass away behind you. Your life is built on the foundations of that which passed before.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012