Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As I rediscover the kitchen on my few days off, fresh fruit and berries are sitting in a pile calling out to me... thought I would google a little to see what appeals and I found Nigella Lawson and her blog...
Gotta love the lady - she is ...sassy... she says...
"I can't move for people talking about detoxing right now, and call me contrary, but it just made me have to make a cake."

Love it.
Nigella is a poster girl for curvy gorgeousness and recent surveys in Britain show that 2 out of 3 women are looking for curves like hers, and Kate Winsletts. Some would say she is eating terrible food and loading people up with calories etc, I see her living her bliss, in style and doing it joyously and with great love. BRAVO. That checkmates every other thing you do out of duty, out of fear, out of pressure from other people any day of the week.
Rock on Nigella, you really are a Goddess!!

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