Friday, November 30, 2012

Trade in your Tale of Woe for a Tale of WOW!

Trade in your tale of woe for a tale of WOW.

Woe has no place in WOW.

Woe drags everything with it and it feels  H E A V Y. It can be exacerbated by a whole lot of well meaning people worrying about you. They are feeding you an energy, but it’s not an empowering, healthy energy, it’s a ‘we believe your life is hard too’ energy. A ‘maybe you can’t make it’ energy. What you dwell on is what you dwell in and when you have a group of people dwelling on it with you – it’s powerful, heavy and S T I C K Y like mud. Practice shaking it off your shoes so you don’t leave it on the carpet everywhere you go, and you can walk freely. Because Woe hurts when you wear it.

It gets tangled round your legs.  

It hurts when you hold it. When you re-tell it, you sit in the energy of it. It sometimes turns people against you when you can’t or don’t let it go.

They often get over it long before you do. And that can make more woe when you don’t understand why you are lonely.

So many people are telling tales of Woe while saying they want the WOW to show up in their lives.

Wow doesn’t show up, WOW is already all around you.

Woe is the Doormat and Wow is the Magic Carpet. It’s in the sky, the trees, the fragrance of flowers, in the dew on the grass in the mornings, in birdsong.

It’s in the smiles on people’s faces. Wow is the miracle of kindness, upliftment, love and peaceful spaces. It’s in the transition of caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly on the wing.

Exhilaration, Joy and Awesome Wonder are in Wow.

Wow is a privilege, not a right, wow is to be given thanks for. Wow deserves the Welcome Mat.

It’s in friendship, laughter, fresh air, it’s in the sea, in the wind and in the hearts of people the whole world over.

Wow doesn’t have to show up.

Wow is checking it’s watch to see when YOU are going to show up.

Check your Platform. If you are not experiencing Wow at least once a day – you might be on the wrong Platform and you may have been riding the wrong train of thought.

Appreciation Station is the first stop for the Wow Train. Because when you give thanks – the Wow multiplies. If you are experiencing Wow once a day – good on you, see what else you can string together with it. Hop on the peace train - make some love beads, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and... what’s that you’re not supposed to mess with?

Just like the chicken or the egg – we are not exactly sure which comes first. But one thing I know is that just like the old saying ‘seeing is believing’ - believing is also seeing.

If you’re not experiencing Wow - check your eyesight and flip your gratitude switch on.

Wow = The Way of Wonder, and it’s a wonderful way to be.

If you need a hand shaking out your Doormat – give me a yell.

I know a few things about that.

I used to be one.

In Love & Miracles,

Deb Wharfe

Miracleworking Mystic, Magical Writer & Free Hugger & Founder of the DeLightScope.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Angel Art Class...

I’m very excited about the Angel Art Class tomorrow – if any of you are dragging your feet worried you can’t do it – I can assure you that you can.

At the least it’s fabulous therapy and fun and you will find a connection point you did not realise existed.

This is nothing to do with your current talent and everything to do with you realising how you are supported.

For the most part we are not painting with eyes open.

We are not painting with brushes.

This takes us through colour healing, angel healing and opens our creative flow, so where you have felt like you were blocked, there is a release.

Your creative, creational side is waiting to be explored...

 Remember the smooshy wild art of fingerpainting and how that freedom felt?

 This is a little like that.

 For two hours you are celebrated as the perfect child of the Universe that you are. Held in the loving arms of your Angels with no mind and no judgement.

Together we are dropping the thoughts about your lack of creativity and opening a new door.

If your heart is calling for this kind of freedom – join us.

 And if you wish – you can add a beautiful meaningful word or quote to your painting.

We are infusing the energy of Angels and Prayers into your piece.

 It’s just $40pp + $20 for materials for 2 hours of bliss and gentleness

 Please text your booking to me on 021 726 276

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Give it the A.R.S.E...

Give LifeAche the A.R.S.E.
If there is nothing you can do about someone or something, moaning or getting mad or sulky isn't going to help.
Let it go.
If someone left you or ran off with someone - let them. If they can't see your magic - they are not your person. Be grateful they have left a space for someone who will, and then go out and BE magic.
To do that - you're going to have to let it go.
If someone was trying to control you - you would get mad.
If a situation had you hostage - you would be sad.
Let it go and it won't, they won't, let it go and you will feel better.
Focusing on misery doesn't bring you freedom, joy or anything good. It just makes you worse.
Let it go.
Adjust your goggles.
You are made of stronger stuff.
Don't tell me you are falling down, I've seen humans getting up from worse. I don't believe in your powerlessness. But I see you believe in it.
Let it go.
You will not only release yourself from ties/bondage or being a victim, you will be lighter, fresher and more able to focus on the present. You are not looking at the magic if you are a grouch.
And grouches hate magic - it's stupid and uplifting and joyous and childish, but hey - if you want to stay there... in GrouchLand... be my guest. 

Or take your power back and give all that misery stuff the A.R.S.E. - be braver about joining in to life, and if you have trouble, or you don't know where to start - come see me.
I have a map to a different place that will do you wonders.
I call it treasure island, but really it's just the magical part of you - and I know it's in there.

Let that go and you will unleash miracles.
And then you're cooking.

Anyone that can put down the 'stuff', starts enjoying themselves, has a smile on their face and is open to a little bravery or adventure is shaping up to be a little bit sensational...

Now... what would it take to get you there?
Deb x

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As you wish...

When you realise you are so much more powerful than you could possibly imagine - and that this whole journey is so much simpler with a genuine dose of grace, you will stop fighting, drop your resistance that causes you soooo much pain, and be.
You wish to believe it's hard?
I'm not here to argue with you, so I am simply going to say - as you wish.
You wish to believe you can't have peace?
As you wish.
You wish to believe you can't have healing?
As you wish.

Or do you wish to believe it's easy?
As you wish.
It's true, it's mind over matter. Sceptics will claim that when you demonstrate energy to them. And they are right. Energy and spirituality are both a form of science.
Mind science.
Don't believe in magic? As you wish.
Maybe this is more palatable to you.... As you choose.
It's really the same thing.
This life for you could be fantastic and magical, should you choose to make it so.
The power of positive thinking is well known, the power of mind over matter also well known and documented.
The power therefore is the power of words...
If you repeat words of gentleness such as grace, peace, love, tranquility, serenity, sweetness, light, harmony for a few minutes and then follow them up with some less gracefilled ones, the golden feeling of peace that arrived in your body from the gentleness will immediately depart it.

Your words, thoughts and intentions are magic.
I don't mind how powerless you believe yourSelf to be, whether you congratulate yourSelf on your scepticism, your cynicism or your protective wall you put up to lock others out.
I have no opinion about all those choices you make.
None of that makes any difference to the fact that you create as you speak, and what you dwell on you ultimately dwell in.

My question to you is this:

Whether you are happy or unhappy - what are you using your magic for?

Todays Rant: Love, Engagement, Light & Magic...

Todays Rant...

Deepak Chopra is amazing - listening to him just kickstarts all my stuff and inspires me to write more. A lecture he gave in Tagore yielded these notes:
Just 20% of people in the world are in jobs they love.
If people are ignored by the boss at work - their rate of disengagement is at 40%. If the boss criticises them, the rate drops to 20% - meaning they respond better to criticism than being ignored. If they are praised it goes right down to 1%.

The source of these figures is a Gallup World Poll. (Deepak is one of the Gallup scientists)
So I started thinking about how this would affect love relationships.
Because I am an ex ‘sports widow’ that has lived the experience of being ignored.
One of the last times I watched Oprah (about 15 yrs ago) I saw Dr Phil on her Show.
He had a couple with him and the man was complaining about his wife and their bad relationship.

He said she had let herself go and was fat and unattractive and they weren't having sex. 

She said she felt like he didn't care, she was just the machine that ran the house etc and she didn't feel attractive so sex wasn't really on her list, she was too stressed out.

Dr Phil asked her when her husband last told her she was beautiful. She couldn't remember.

So he gave them homework. Daily - even though the husband didn't feel that way and she would think it was rubbish, her husband was to look into her eyes and tell her she was beautiful - for a month and then come back to the Show. That was it.

They came back.

He was holding her hand and the light was shining out of her. He couldn't stop smiling.
She looked radiant and amazing.

They had done their homework.

The first few days felt like lies and they weren't engaged with it. Slowly but surely they both secretly realised they were looking forward to it. Then one day (on about day 24) they just cried and held each other. They had found their way home.

She had lost weight too – her wall had come down and her heaviness had lifted.
And of course they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Did you notice my use of the word engaged?

Magic is there for us in the moment we engage with it.

When people fall in love and get married – engagement is more than a time for a ring - it's a description of how they are with each other. When they get married, some people disengage.

But the clever ones don't.

About 5 years ago a lady came to me and said she had no magic in her relationship, her life was hard and she was unhappy with her husband. I asked if she thought he might try a little exercise. She said he might, so I asked her to work with this…

 “To me you are beautiful and I see the whole world in you.”

They did it. She came back beaming. It’s so, so, simple.

A closed person in a relationship is closed also to themselves.

There is a reason why they don’t feel joy or a reason why they don’t want to feel joy.

A spirit can be squashed or broken, it’s not anyone’s fault, it just is what it is. For a moment of time that spirit needs healing, coaxing, kindness and to be held in the palm of a hand filled with love.

It’s all about shifting focus. Shifting energy. And sometimes it’s all about courage and compassion - we are never the sum of our worst acts, we are fluid and we rest in between our life experiences, the worst acts, and the fullest potential. We can only draw from within that which we are willing to experience, or indeed that which we believe we are worthy to experience. This is also true of others.

This means our ‘vision’ for ourselves, for others and for our relationships, friendships, family and love must be carefully nurtured to include the vision of wholeness and wellness. Even in the moments when they seem to be hanging by a thread. Because nobody is really broken, even when they feel like they are. Even when, if viewed by ‘society’, they would be judged as broken.

We know there is no such thing as ‘normal’ – that its just a description of a statistically derived idea, however plenty of people call themselves normal, and they judge others, from that (very shaky) platform.

Who has a right to judge when each spirit on the planet is crying out for honouring and for love?

All acts of unlove are calls for love. Can you be in a space to see this?  

Can you create or bring forth and be the light to illuminate the way for yourself and others?

Even when you are tired?  Even when you want more for yourself and it seems like everyone around you just wants it their way? Can you reach in and find the reserve inside and know that the light you hold within is supported by others; that all light really is joined and you are just suspended in a matrix of gold? There really is no separation. We are all in this together.

If you want something changed… you change it.
Change the way you see it. Change the way you react to it.
Change how you hold it in your perception.

Nurture it. Engage. (if you don’t know where to start – see me)

Two months ago another lady came to me and said her husband was boring and her relationship wasn’t magical anymore. I asked her to consider whether or not she was making it magical.

She wasn’t.

It’s up to someone, one person or both can take the wall down.

If you engage with yourself you also make your own beauty and magic. If you engage with others, you enhance theirs. And if you are willing to see magic and light where there is pain and suffering, then you become a bridge of grace and healing. A torch in the fog. A creator of miracles. A way for other souls to get home.  

And magic is where it’s at. I’m not talking about pulling rabbits out of hats. No it’s MUCH more wonderful, more miraculous than that. Light infuses everything – if you let it.

We sometimes forget to. And that’s why I’m here.

With much love, miracles and endless helpings of grace,

Deb x

If you want to know more about your power to change everything around you, come to my Show – ‘In Love and Miracles’ it’s on Dec 13th at The Rose Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.  I will not only talk about it - you will experience on the spot examples of it.

Tickets are now available on Eventfinder (thats )and selling fast. 

What do people say about my Shows?

 “Don’t stop now, we just want you to keep going.”
(I sometimes have to tell them to just GO HOME)


“Deb, that was incredible. I learned more in an hour and a half of experiencing you than I have in a whole year at my regular class. You made that so real and I felt all of it. I’m blown away.”

Join the DeLightScope...

Driving along in the car one day I was inspired by two radio hosts doing a horrific horoscope for the day.

The Leo one was terrible and and as my whole body reacted to their words I said “Bugger that – I don’t want that rubbish in my day!! I’m creating my own great life and this is not good!! This is a Horror-Scope!!”

My guides kicked in and said “You change it then – so I said “OK – what’s it going to be?”
And they said “You are bringing people The Light and a new way to See things…
And so the DeLightScope came into being.
I was told it was my job to uplift people, teach about energy and miracles and so here is a sample if you join - you will get a text on a Monday morning – if you are in New Zealand.

(Worldwide DeLightScopers can get it if they download What’s App? add me and drop me a message)

The DeLightscope is a clearing, a healing, an empowering message and a welcoming energy for miracles to come into your week.

It engages the Law of Attraction – so simple, hand delivered right to you. All you need to do is read it and take a moment to breathe and relax.

Your DeLightScope:

Close your eyes for a moment, take a breath in through your nose and
put your consciousness into the gold of your heartspace.
Feel into it.
Ask for peace energy, clarity, focus, serenity and grounding.
Ask to witness your own magnificence.
(go on, you can do it)
Feel the strength that comes with it and breathe out through your mouth.
You have just cycled these energies through your body, laying open a
path for grace-filled experiences.
A cloak of gold comes around your shoulders now,
blessing you and inviting miracles into your week.
You so deserve them - enJOY.

Much love,
Deb x

Here’s what a few people say about the DeLightScope…

"Deb your DeLightScope saved me from yelling at the Boss twice.. The timing is spooky – twice it’s arrived within 10 mins of me really blowing my stack, and I realised there wasn’t really anything to be yelling about and I felt heaps better.”
"Thank you Deb, that has come at a really tough time for me, it helps me keep my chin up and my heart filled with hope.”

 “Your words resounded through my mind when I needed it. How did you know the words I needed to hear?”

 “Deb, this message saves me from being grouchy in the office and every Monday I really look forward to it.”

 To Join:

Loads of the DeLightScopers forward this text on to Mum’s Dad’s and friends -
and anyone is welcome to join the DeLightScope – you don’t have to be one of my clients.
So to receive a little golden light and grace weekly, simply text your name to me on 021 726 276.
For international DeLightScopers - the phone number you need to enter is 00 64 21 726 276

Together we are a community of love. And we spread the light when we engage with it.
Blissings and Blessings - Deb x