Sunday, October 28, 2012

November Classes at The Devonport Health Store...

Upcoming Classes are:

3rd Nov - Reiki 1

10am – 4pm $190pp

A Learner Healers Class, Reiki changed my life and it will change yours.

I believe Reiki is a part of the essential healers tool kit. A beautiful way to look after your own wellness and the wellness of your family – plus if you pursue your Reiki it can provide you with an extra income and that’s always a bonus. (Practitioners Class on 17th Nov)

Learn to bring wellness to body, mind and spirit, babies, children, adults, pets, plants, situations and more.

A beautiful grace-filled skill to enhance your life. Certificate provided.


10th Nov - Making your own cards for readings & how to use them

These are great and so wonderful to use – it makes such a difference to readings when you have created your cards with your energy.

Come and learn how you read – your way – develop the trust in your own intuition, with your own highly personalised pack of cards.

No arty farty experience required – if you can operate a pair of scissors and a gluestick you’ll be fine.

They are wonderful, so unique - and watching others create theirs is quite inspirational.

We tune in and create them and work with them immediately. This class suits anyone. 1 – 3pm

Just $40pp + $10 for materials.

*I use my own cards for readings – the Angels showed them to me in my childhood near death experience (I thought they were showing me a picture book) and it wasn’t till about a year ago that I realised I was holding the ‘picture book’ a pack of cards made from pictures!!

Amazing. They told me I had to come back to earth and do ‘all this work’ and teaching people how to read was my mission. At the time I didn’t know what they meant, but oh my goodness, now I do and I love it. :O)


17th Nov Reiki 2 10am – 4pm

Practitioners Class – A day of bliss with Reiki, new techniques and a Reiki 2 Practitioners certificate is provided.

Become a Reiki Practitioner and work on your Divine mission. A beautiful bridge to extend your capabilities. $190pp


24th Nov Channelled info + Divining crystals for healing & making Crystal Sprays

This is another of my free flow Classes, lots of healing info here.

How to divine for crystals for healing, how to absorb the energies and work harmoniously with crystals, experience the energy of a crystal healing circle and learn how to mix and use crystal sprays.

Crystal sprays bring beautiful energy to spaces, help to stabilise and boost the body, mind and spirit.

Find your destiny crystal and understand the energy it imparts to you.


As always – bring a cushion, we sit or lay on the floor. The Devonport Health Store is all about being comfy and sitting in blissful energy.

Bring paper and pen – these classes are packed with so much information, there is always loads to write down and people get so much out of them. A water bottle is also a great idea – Living Water is for sale in the store @ $2.90 if you wish to purchase a bottle.


Please book for all Classes via email or text to 021 726 276


My Show

My Auckland Show is booked for December 13th – it’s an astrologically aligned date for us – the planets are lining up and I am sooo excited to be bringing it to you. Tickets will be available this week!!


Text Blessings

If you have not yet joined the blessings list – please do – feedback is awesome and I’m told it’s a great way to change on Monday into something magical. It’s free – just Text your name to me. Friends or family are welcome to sign up too. Lots of people are sharing them and its becoming a peace network. Just what I envisioned, I am really pleased.


Private work - One on One Sessions or Group Bookings

I am available for private work on Fridays and Saturdays from Devonport – also through the week via Skype, and I am local to Mairangi Bay.

I am more than happy to speak to groups, please apply for my rates. Healing, readings, past life work, guidance, support, coaching and so much more. If you have a need or an enquiry about what I can help you with, just phone me and ask.



My inspiration this week comes from an awesome lady by the name of Louise Hay – most of you will have heard of her.

Louise started her journey with personal healing after a tough start in life and several crises one after another.

Working on herself and others - she used Reiki extensively and dedicated herself to helping people.

Louise sometimes stays in bed till midday writing. (I may have done this) She makes it a policy to live in the present – sometimes hard to do – and she creates her own magnificent life.

But what if she didn’t? What if she just gave up and wasn’t Louise Hay? She has sold over 40 million (that is not a typo) of her You Can Heal Your Life books.

These started from her healing notes, a little pamphlet that became a wee book and over time became a runaway sensation healing physical symptoms at the cause by uncreating unwell conditions with affirmations.

She is truly amazing, and to meet her in person last year was such a blessing, she is loaded with energy.

That journey started with one step at a time, and yours has too. What are you called to do? And where will it take you?


Finally a thank you.

I so look forward to having you join me. My experience with spirit has been many thing, profound and fabulous are two of them, and has quite literally saved my life, given me purpose and opened so many new horizons. I am committed to sharing as much knowledge as I can, and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to share it with you. Even if you haven’t been to see me, you are still an important part of a community of light workers, making your way in the world and making the world a better place for others. Thank you for allowing me to send you my newsletter, and I so appreciate your referrals. I do advertise, but the word of mouth advertising that you do for me is so fantastic, I’m so grateful for it.
Here is a beautiful link that I just love and was guided to share with you.
Have a fabulous week, and take care…

In love and Miracles,
Deb x

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Too Often...

Too often we fall back into what we know because we are comfortable. Even when it hurts.
It could be an abusive relationship – with someone or one with ourselves.

Any relationship that cuts us, wounds us or makes us feel hurt in any way is one that invites us – over and over to grow. Taking up the invitation can feel like drinking poison, because taking up the invitation means we step into an unknown world. A world where we have no reference points.

A world where we have to feel as we go. A world where sometimes, when we get a knock or a bump it sends us scurrying back to what we know – saying “see? I told you this was impossible!”

Taking up the invitation can mean we have to have faith or trust in something bigger than ourselves, something that sounds like the God Department – a place where we have asked before but been dissatisfied by the answers we got, or by what we received. So we go on falsely believing sometimes that there is nothing special about us, never realising that it takes more strength to sit in our pain and hard spaces, and it takes more out of us to do so – mad that God just doesn’t fix everything – so he/she/it can’t be real, not realising that we are being given an invitation by grace to push through that last barrier and be truly free to fly.

When we are the perpetrator of this abusive relationship – when our self talk is all about how we have done nothing right, haven’t made it yet, or haven’t got what other people measure success by, we are locked in a battle of dark versus light. Even though we know the darkness is painful, it’s easier to hide from the blinding rays of the sun and the truth – that we are powerful beyond measure – that the world is waiting for us to show up – when we show up our hearts deepest desires will show up and that we are glorious in our bright plumage. Instead we retreat, curled in the shade and lick our wounds.

When we are locked in this space of an abusive relationship with another – despite all appearances – we are still the perpetrator, time after time allowing our fingers to be burned by the same fire, usually with a lack of self belief holding us hostage. We would teach our children to avoid a fire – and they would learn pretty fast too, never to put their fingers there again – but then they don’t tend to have that lack of self belief until they have accepted it or learned it from another person. As we sometimes did.

We so often judge. It’s safer to judge others from our position of pain, vibrating in the frequency of wounding. So we filter them through our visioning system until we have decided we are justified in our self abuse and wounding because the world is a bad place – it doesn’t always give us what we want. Sometimes though it gives us what we need and we are too afraid to take it. When we come out into the sunlight, the bright light that stings our eyes tells us that we were right in hiding, that we should have continued to protect ourselves – here after all is another wound… but sometimes the new wound is there to help us build our immunity, and if we don’t count our overcoming obstacles and struggles as survival, or as a badge of honour – if we look at our past experiences and view them as mistakes, without recognising that they have their gifts, if we choose to ignore our goodness, our love at the heart of ourselves and our nurturing, caring nature and gifts, then we will never see that we glow with our own magical pulsing light.

Though sometimes dim – we really do glow. If we didn’t have it we would never be able to see our way in the darkness. And even when it feels like the darkness is caving in on us – we are still light.

For we are light beings. This is not just new age spiritual terminology – it’s a truth. And the way to know this is to gently press your fingers on your closed eyelids and hold them there.

You are illuminated from within by your truth. I told you so. And now you have done it.

What does it mean? It means you cannot really hide from the light. No matter what you carry within you, there is nowhere to go. You can only hide from your own greatness, but it’s there all the same.

If you really took a moment to see how far you had come on your journey – how many steps you had taken through adversity, how many people love you dearly – known and unknown, and how valued and dreamed of you were before you arrived here – no matter what happened after you got here – or indeed who brought you into this world, if only you remembered that you chose these people, this journey and all the wonderful gifts you are receiving, you would shed tears of joy at your own homecoming. You would know that the darkness cannot fool anyone for long. You would know that when you take light into a dark room it brightens, and when you take dark into a light room it remains light. Why? Because the light is the truth that always remains. And the light is God or Source energy. Sometimes you want to look away from the light, but the light never ever forsakes you. It is your ever-present miracle. It is where you came from and where you return to.

This is a time of great change, and we can no longer take our illusions with us and some light workers are finding it incredibly difficult to step into their power at present.

Know this, the difficulty you are having is a reflection of how powerful you will become once you do so. Your best ally in this growth is to release the temptation you have to berate yourself for not being what you feel you should be. You are perfect in your perceived imperfection. The imperfection is an illusion of ego, a safety net in order to stop you from taking responsibility and therefore brings you a false sense of safety within the trap. Once you understand the trap is there to stop you from having your beautiful life – a life that really could be more than you dreamed of, you can release the trap – for you hold the key. If it brings you pain and you truly don’t want the pain, create a program of kindness to set yourself free. The key is and has always been kindness.

Kindness bridges gaps, transcends language barriers and emotional distress. Kindness to yourself is the springboard to honouring and self love. And self love is where it’s at.

When you love yourself you guide the way for others to love you too.

When you can be unconditional you pave the way for miracles and wild creational power.

So start with gentleness. And no matter who it is that is in your world creating the opportunities for you to have resistance or pain, start with something so simple as a mantra to send the self talk into its own burial ground. Because that IS where it belongs.

Perhaps you might start with something like this…

I am enough. Or these….. I will do what I can do today. I am the light of the world. I am a part of creation. I am one with the mind that thought me up.  I am loved, loving, lovable - I am love, you are love, we are love. Or perhaps, really, you know what would be best, maybe you can create words that resonate. Maybe it just feels like more hard work – but the rewards are huge. So do stick at it. And remember something else… we are here to experience many things - one of them is great joy, sometimes it can be balanced with great sadness, but just like the rainbow follows the rain – all conditions are temporary. And what you dwell on, is ultimately what you dwell in – so focus on that which you would like to bring forth from yourself.

I’d recommend checking out your light behind your eyelids first. And hey – if you are wearing contacts… do yourself a favour and take them out first - ok?

Be in charge of your world today.

Because the rain is only temporary and you don’t want to miss your rainbow.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Know You - A Poem for Deb, by Gill Gibbs


I know the child in you

The little girl who, through vividly blue eyes

Sees a rainbow coloured world glittering in all its glory.

The one whose spirit dances to the melody of shimmering silence

And who plays with imaginary friends sporting angel wings.

The little girl who in her quest for knowledge

Asks a million unanswered questions

Knowing there is nothing new to be learned here

Simply, that truth and wisdom will long since be remembered.

I know the perfect child in you.

I know the woman in you

The glorious goddess manifesting her life purpose

Wholly by believing in the guidance of spirit.

The daily struggle to accept herself

Not for all the things that aren’t good enough but rather,

For all the things that are absolutely perfect.

This beautiful, radiant, passionate romantic heroine

Who in her own naivety possesses an irresistible magnetism

That is your soul made visible; the discovery of your glorious

authentic self.

I know the perfect woman in you.

I know the Mother in you

The supreme nurturer who relentlessly strives to honour an essential union,

Entrusted with the guardianship of another soul

The inherent nature of which, is akin to the simplicity of breathing.

Who feverently supports, cajoles, admonishes, defends and unconditionally loves her children,

As she watches their miraculous journey into adulthood.

The Mother who lives by the grace of invisible bonds

Connected to her children in ways that cannot be fathomed.

I know the perfect Mother in you.

I know the teacher in you

The woman who carries forth inspiration like a mantle;

Lessons and wisdom painted across the journal of discovery

Who in the elusive search for a soulmate, struggled to find herself.

The teacher in you was born the student

Learning sacred lessons through passion, betrayal and forgiveness.

One day you stopped chasing the wrong dream and trusted in the deeper intention of your heart.

It brought you home to who you really are

Look in the mirror and recognise your authentic self.

I know the perfect teacher in you.

I know the healer in you

The woman with a perfect capacity to love the world and;

Whose willingness to see the potential in every soul

Unlocks a boundless power that manufactures miracles.

The woman who transforms ordinary to extraordinary

And awakens the eternal innocence at the heart of everyone.

By trusting the wholeness in herself as well as others

The healer creates freedom for growth and healing

Where empathetic grace brings light to shadow.

I know the perfect healer in you.

I know the love and light in you

The Woman whose intuition and perception is born

From a magical existence beyond our remembering.

A spiritual mystic walking a path of divine compassion

Illuminating hope where there is suffering and fear.

Whose resilience and faith in the mystery of the universe

Allows the light of truth to heal the heartbreak of life itself.

The Woman who possesses an inner luminosity that is priceless

And an inner power that is divine love.

I know the perfect love and light in you.

I know the divine grace in you

The choice to stand in a field of infinite possibility

Where in a moment of sacred connection with all life

You recognise the power held by the consciousness of love.

The woman who lives what her heart knows rather than what she sees

And who trusts implicitly in what truly inspires her.

In doing so, she understands her sense of belonging to the whole

And she gains access to an inner guide that is the carrier of truth.

I know the divine grace in you,

I know you.

Gill xo

(C) Gill Gibbs
- written for Deb Wharfe.