Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the Soul chooses its Mission for Earth...

The Soul says .... "I want to journey there - to that beautiful shining jewel of a planet."
And the Soul is asked - are you sure? Do you know that you have to help there if you go there?
And the Soul says yes.

The Soul is asked, are you sure?
Do you know you have to select and take with you other Souls and engage with them in trials and lessons? 
And the Soul says yes.
And the Soul is asked, Are you really sure? Some of these lessons will be very painful and you will have to wear a suit that is very heavy, you will likely forget when you swim through the river that you are made of light and you are there for a mission; when you are there it will be your job to remember you chose this mission and to make peace with your choice.

And the Soul looks at the beautiful bright sparkling jewel Planet and says yes.
"Yes, I want to help because I am being called, I am being pulled and I will have a mission. And all the other Souls will remind me of it - surely they will."

And the Wise One is silent.
For this courageous Soul has done all he needs to do, he has said Yes three times, and he speaks of that which he does not understand.
No one but the Soul can experience this particular journey.

The bravery, the courage and the strength required to take this journey is immense. And so the Planet grows by one more Soul.
The Mission is sacred, but often forgotten in the arrival into the heaviness of the Planet. And the other Souls on the Planet don't remind in ways that are easily understood.
The clues are all there, though, like apples on a tree, easily picked. Some of the missions feel very hard, the Souls look for something their heart tells them is there, but sometimes they can't find it. They look for other Souls to guide them and be with them, to love them and learn that they sometimes just have to be patient. The remembering is crucial as the Soul awakens then and once the lesson of unconditional acceptance is completed the pain of resistance is released.

All the Souls are here for a mission. Very individual missions, and when the Souls complete their set of missions they don't have to come back to the Planet.

The mission is simple, but made so difficult because of the forgetting.

The mission is this: To turn from pain and find that which illuminates the Soul fully and engage with it until there is nothing else but light.
To be unafraid in this engagement.
To light a light so bright that it is a beacon for others and can be seen from the place that the Planet is originally viewed from.

It is then that the Wise One calls the Soul home for the final time.
And the Soul rests.
And so it is.

I wish you well on your mission.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Getting out of the way... for Readings

The Deb part of me steps back when I do a reading, so I don't often remember what 'I' have told people. When you step aside and do a reading for someone you become a vessel for light - you are not there to offer your opinion, to say what you would like to happen for the person or colour the reading in any way. I often don't remember anything from a reading because the information is not from or for me.

People sometimes come back and say "When you said this" or "you said this..... " and I have to tell them - I don't remember - for a time my face is being used to deliver a message, but it's through me, not out of me. I step out to the side into a golden space and almost literally disappear.
Validations are good because it's lovely to celebrate amazing things for people, but also because it's a good indicator that you are stepping back.

It becomes difficult within the reading when you tell someone something that may challenge or temporarily cause pain, you must trust grace to deliver the information in the kindest way possible and all you can do is hope they understand every part of the message is important and when they discuss it later that it remains clear. And whether it does or not, that's none of your business.

When you ask for the best and highest information to come through, you ask for the truth. Nobody wise ever built a house on sand, and truth, although painful sometimes, creates a solid ground for someone to build on.

It's up to the person to trust, to filter, to sieve the information they are given. Anything that doesn't really resonate  with them should be put to one side and considered. Sometimes facing the truth is hard and requires time. Sometimes lots of time.

I've had painful information given to me but that didn't make it less true.
In fact if I had the strength to follow through and not push it away I would have saved myself 18 months of pain. The growth from the pain of banging my head on a brick wall was huge, mind you and so eventually was the lesson to listen to the truth. 
Sometimes you will be the 'bad guy' - the 'Reader' who delivered information that the person will never fully look at because the fear of doing so would be too great for them.

When you ask for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, (so help me God) whether it's on behalf of yourself or another person, you have asked for and been entrusted with a sacred task and the most important thing to do is to get out of the way and let God in.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Testimonial, Jay Nisbett

Good morning Deb. just a huge thankyou for yesterday,it was an AMAZING experience for us, I couldnt stop blabbing about it all hehe. Was nice watching tv last night without the feeling of someone standing behind me, Johno slept in his room,with his door closed AND the hall light off all night, 1st time since we have been there! anyways,we are totally thankfull Deb,and still utterly amazed!!! have a beautiful day! ♥

(30 min session house clearing with a shoulder healing and reading)

Testimonial, Donna Bartlett

GOOD MORNING ALL AFTER HAVING A HEALING SESSION with Deb to rid myself of some serious past.....I am just so thrilled.... for the life of me I can't even think of the 'PAST' i've even tried to .....SERIOUSLY my pain AND 'stuckedness' has comepletely 'SHIFTED'.....I feel like a different person....I'm smiling and laughing (something of which had evaded me for too long)...i wake up feeling JOY ....... I Had a fall before xmas the old end of year function on a party bus, hows that for miserable's like miserable just followed me around.....WELLLLLLLLLL Deb worked on my arm 'pulled this out and that out and smoothed a few lumps and bumps' and to my amazement no more pain...WAHOOO Ive been swimming and driving and gardening and lifting etc and

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A handful of Faith

Place your feet flat on the floor and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to connect. Close your eyes for a moment and feel the connection. Keep cycling your breath.
In your open hand I place a golden cloth. It pulses gently with golden light and has an energy that soothes your heart.
As you unwrap it you find you are holding a handful of Pure Faith, humming its song of trust and unconditional love.
Put it where you feel you need it most - in yourself or someone else.
Breathe it in through your nose and out through your mouth and let the magical energy of the faith caress your soul and nurture you.

In love and miracles, Deb x
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


King James Version: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

English Revised Version: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Websters Bible: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping animal that creepeth upon the earth.

And so it goes on in the same vein throughout more versions than I wish to count.

What does it mean and Who Is Us?

I have asked the question and pondered the answer, listed down around 20 different biblical versions of the same statement and a couple of things I find really interesting are:
Who said it was Ok for everyone, agreeing, disagreeing, non-judgemental, judgemental, zealot or not to copy each others books? Some of these people disagree with each others religions, some of these people persecute each other and yet they all have a very similar book that describes themselves as part of an Us?
We are obviously meant to be a global family - yes?

Why wasn't Jesus Christ the Teacher of love, healing and miracles Gospel included? Christ is constantly portrayed in art carrying a book. He was arguably the greatest or certainly most renowned 'medium' of all time as he channelled information from his Father to the people on earth.
He is said to have told people that they would do greater miracles than he.

Spiritual power (energy) can be physically felt. This is an undeniable fact and will continue to be exposed to the world at large through the internet and other avenues. People don't all have to believe it, however that doesn't make it untrue. As we continue through the course of this year and beyond, many more people, sceptic or not will experience visions, spontaneous healing, dreams that come to pass and miraculous coincidences.

I know from my own work that my energy is strong. I am working on unconditional love and compassion and releasing much dross from my field of energy/being. As I clear and release my energies are being raised.
I can only imagine the energy that must have been palpable within the field of Christ. As I access the Christ consciousness, glimmers of the bliss unfold and with this unfolding comes awe. My own energy, strength or determination to serve sometimes triggers a resistance in others who don't understand. Some are curious, some are rude. I am just a Deb. Working some miracles, sure.
The power, the energy and the love around Jesus Christ triggered fear, blood lust and crucifixion. He was teaching love. Love so powerful, so miraculously transformational people would follow him and take themselves away from war, away from servitude, away from materialism, as in love there is sharing and no one goes without. How are countries conquered and lands stolen with love? Exactly. Not suitable really then was it? Frightening even, for the powers that be. Best invoke damage control as quickly as possible, get rid of the guy and give his girlfriend a bad rap too in case she tries to establish any kind of teaching in his name. Fortunes are not made with this kind of free expression, but this time of free expression returns live and kicking.

I considered and pondered some more and then moved on to other things and let it all rest for a while.
One afternoon I was sitting daydreaming and in my mind I received a nudge and as I asked who was with me, I heard "ISIS" quite loudly. "Isis?" I asked, it was an interesting energy, very strong and straight, and I cast my mind forward into an Egyptian scene which dissolved and I heard "IS-US" pronounced as Isis would be.

I asked how do you spell this and was told "ISUS - Eye Suss, IS US. It is Us." I knew that I was hearing from the God representation, however realised something interesting; there was a male/female perspective shown and I was shown my hands drawing together in prayer. The right hand represents our masculine, the left is feminine, as we draw these together we bring our left and right sides into Alignment - harmonising our spirit and simultaneously creating a prayer position. This made perfect sense to me.

In some Chinese medicine it is said that clapping our hands together activates reflexology points, harmonising and healing our whole bodies. Western medicine sometimes flops around like a goldfish on the carpet while the wisdom of Eastern medicine has been proven over thousands of years. Also, clapping the hands together creates a sound wave that clears a room. Stuck or negative energy can be detected and cleared by clapping, and clapping at concerts clears the field or room of energies after a Show. As I draw my hands together I also see I am being shown an 80/20 rule, for 8 fingers point skyward, while two thumbs point at me, right around my brow or third eye area. This 80/20 split to me represents how much of our lives could be dedicated to the Higher Power or Spirit - and by this I include simply being grateful, serving others and concentrating on making our own personal world into a place of peace, and then how much should be dedicated to ourselves. I see it is a two way channelling device of its own as the energy flows in both directions. What we put out comes back to us.

ISUS are presented in the form of Man/Woman in order for us to be able to 'accept' them. In the vision I was shown the God Male/Female concept to be a palatable greeting team or a guidance team that worked for a much greater Divine/Universal group.
The Universal group primarily consists of Light.

ISUS then offered through me the following channelled session:

In order for you to experience this new beginning you must let go of the past. Old situations exist in your mind, Set them free like butterflies and watch them fly away. Mountains are climbed one step at a time. You are going to the top of the mountain and when you are there you will be queen/king of all you survey. This pain will pass, we are lifting the systems of your disbelief.

Dearest Child of God you are but one small part of a giant whole. Never are you separate. You are the end and the beginning. New life awaits you now for you are chosen for a magical journey. Be apart from the mistakes and the trials. Everyone has always done what they could with what they had and yes sometimes it seemed it wasn't good enough -you were chosen for these challenges and you also chose this. When you are further enlightened you will remember this.

You must spend time in meditation in hallowed halls, golden and orange and restore yourSelf to the Child of Light that you are. This information is for you and all humanity. Rest now, weep if you need to, you are reborn whole. ISUS via Deb Wharfe 04/05/2011

I continue to ask and witness more ways in which the balance of masculine/feminine is required. We all hold this balance individually and if necessary within partnerships, regardless of the sex of our partners. Each individual brings the required 'tools' to the table.
Words of creation must be used in order to come into alignment with your Divine energy, as with the personal power increasing, the magnetic field around the body increases, pulling forth into the field that which we concentrate on. You don't have to actively manifest, or believe in manifestation, but if you just observe for a while the way you operate in the world and the words you use, you will start to see the correlation between this and what shows up for you. Then it's likely that you will seek to take care with words and thoughts and with the way you bring new experiences and new people into your field. You will shine your focus on that which serves and avoid or refuse that which does not, creating a new clear space in which you will find more peace.

The magic word? Is LET. Let us create, Let us bring forth, Let there be, Let it go and Let it be.... a directive, that includes an element of allowing, there is no pushing, no forcing - using the word Let infers that you remove resistance. After all, they say 'Resistance is futile.' Have an idea, take two steps toward it and release it into Let.... as the Divine hand sweeps into your situation, as you release the need to control 'letting' the perfect outcome arise, you will find that miraculous solutions will come to pass, solutions that you could not have conceived within your limited Human vision.

World markets are now crashing, our own government is even bringing in a policy that has been introduced in America - trying to take control of home vegetable gardens, forcing small crop sharing people to become registered at great cost, our food is poisoned with genetic engineering and we are all racing to get somewhere etheric which actually takes us nowhere fast. We are being encouraged to create a sense of community as tragedy and need draws us together to look after each other, are we noticing this lesson and the opportunity it brings?

To call ourselves the Human Race is a realistic description although most people lack a plan and have no idea what their power consists of, we are definitely speeding up. I see that people have what they call 'A Faith' and yet these people have no faith and worship materialism, one-up-manship and want. As I see how many versions people have of Religion, and how really at the base level so much of it is the same, I see how if we all lived in the loving kindness that Christ expressed, scaring people into behaving well with Hell and Damnation would be completely obsolete. Faith rests firmly in the hearts of those who have felt the presence of greatness, religion or no religion, of those who have been uplifted and remember.

Faith is in active daily kindness, of living simply in the knowing that you are loved, of love and here to express love. In the time to come less people will take from each other, they will offer and barter kindness and services creating a more abundant world. Make a difference in this, your world today. Every little bit that you do does actually count. Release negativity, release emotions that don't serve your higher purpose, step more lightly on the planet, be responsible for the energy you create and put out and enjoy yourself.
It's meant to be a whole lot more simple than we make it.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Give yourself this simple treatment for Life Ache…

When or if you struggle to get over things that are current or past, when things are bugging you constantly, when you have a resistance to what's going on around you, I highly recommend taking the following four steps:

1. Accept what's going on. You don't have to like it, you don't have to condone it - it just is what it is - accepting it, gives you a place to work from.

2. Release it. Just consider how you feel while you are holding onto it. Understand the impact it is having on your body or your mind and set it free, so it no longer controls your emotions, or you day, or your life. Until you set it free, it's in charge of you.

3. Surrender. Surrender to what's around the corner for you. Surrender to the possibility that something great is coming - after all, the sun comes after the rain and makes a rainbow. And here's the thing - nothing great will come while you're convinced the world is full of bad guys and you're being a misery guts, cause let's face it, if it did show up, you might not notice. Surrender.

4. Enjoy. Do things you love to do. Make a bucket list, Be gorgeous, fill in your spare time with exciting new things that you would never have tried and enjoy the sense of adventure and achievement that comes into your life as a result.

So in short - Accept, Release, Surrender and Enjoy.
The key to getting over things is actually quite simple.

The best treatment for Life Ache is to Give it the A.R.S.E.

The hassle, the worry, the stress and the baggage in your life is mostly being carried by YOU.
Only you can feel the pain of all of it. Only you really suffer. You can make someone else miserable by being a martyr, temporarily. Then - they will vote with their feet, they won't feel sorry for you, they will avoid you. They won't feel like the bad guy who drove you to suffering for the rest of your life, they will feel validated and lucky for escaping when they did.

The person or the parent who bullied you when you were young will probably or has probably been bullied themselves. Despite what you think or feel, your demonstrations of pain and suffering are affecting only you.
Life is for enjoying - no time to waste, get stuck in and go do it. And if revenge is your bag, the best revenge you can ever have is by having an absolutely fantastic life, goal setting and achieving, and hopefully at the end of it all you will realise you have found yourself and that revenge is a waste of time too. 

And who do I think I am telling you all this stuff ?- aaah I've lived it.
You can't tell me I'm a do gooder who doesn't know what I'm talking about.
You wouldn't swap my journey for yours. I'm loving my life now though, and if I can do it, so can you - see you on the Bright Side of the Road. 
Deb x
©Deb Wharfe 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012


"You are a miracle. 80 trillion cells sing through your body/mind field - all acting in harmony."

I really should be

getting to sleep before 2am.

What is a miracle?

From the Free Dictionary:

miracle [ˈmɪrəkəl]
1. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause
2. any amazing or wonderful event
3. a person or thing that is a marvellous example of something the bridge was a miracle of engineering
4. (Performing Arts / Theatre) short for miracle play
5. (modifier) being or seeming a miracle a miracle cure
[from Latin mīrāculum, from mīrārī to wonder at]
miracle - From Latin miraculum, "object of wonder"; its ultimate root meant "to smile upon."
See also related terms for smile.
I find it interesting that in the back of the King James Bible a Miracle should be defined as:
 'an event which exceeds the known laws of nature and science.
Usually an Act of God done through Human Agents.'

Saturday, January 14, 2012

George Jetsons miracles come true...?

I laugh when I think back to about age 10, watching some very serious lofty person commenting on the news that "everything that it was possible to invent had been invented."
At that stage I knew George Jetson's wireless remote control and TV that he could talk to on the wall was coming.

It was just one of those things that made me a weird kid to hang out with.
If you travelled back 35 years and handed that 'We've done it all' guy a working iPhone, what would he say?
Would he not believe it was real because he couldn't see the wires? Of course not. He might initially think its a trick, but I bet he would want one.

In much the same way we can't always explain something miraculous - but thats only because we haven't learned the technology behind it. Despite all our technological advances, it appears we are only using around 10% of our brain. What is the rest of it for....? and what else is possible? Who can say?
The Jetsons started in 1962. That's 50 years ago.

Losing Con, the Troll

Handing over your power. You do it often to other people but do you realise how many times you do it to your Troll?
The troll is a grumpy grouchy energy stealing attention seeker who sits under the bridge to your dream land, where you would get sleek and healthy with a glossy shiny coat and where there would be limitless potential.
The Troll is the Master of the word Can't and Fail. He says "You can't do this, you can't do that, you're not good enough, you're fat, you wear the wrong clothes and you fail everytime you try." 
And worse, "Everyone-is-going-to-laugh-at-YOU."

He is a nasty little creature who will Con you out of having your beautiful life by stopping you before you even get out the starting gate. Trolls eat gold, (abundance) dreams, joy and self esteem.
They also poison water and block the flow. Trolls often leave tension around the neck and shoulders and love to give people crappy attitudes, feelings of being ripped off, migraines and sleepless nights.

Trolls want you to have the most Human journey possible, the one where you are on the mousewheel, being born, paying tax and then dying. He is shortsighted and comes from the land of Not-enough-to-go-around. He is a miser and won't share. Trolls know that when you open up your life to limitless possibilities, kindness, miracles and following your heart no matter what any one else thinks - all Heaven will break loose, you will want to keep your self esteem and wonderful things will happen to you, which means his life support will dry up so he is very sneaky.
You can hear his voice when you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure, when you are ready to do something new and exciting or when you are about to do something that would challenge others. Sometimes he is under a bridge beneath your feet and sometimes he is under a bridge beneath theirs. 

Always he is in a bad mood, he is a liar and a cheat and you know you should never trust a con artist. Sometimes he will even try to falsely puff you up by telling you that you are better than people. He likes you to feel good in a mean way, which isn't really good at all. The good news is... you can scare him off. He sometimes brings a big black scary dog with him, but you can starve that till it disappears as well.

His secret name is Fear and he hates light. So when you hear him talking to you, you can tell him back that he is not the boss of you. If his voice is insidiously emanating from under your bridge you can do this. Ask for light to illuminate your bridge and your pathway, tell him he is not real and then do this - name him, it takes away his power. 
Because fears aren't real. He is only casting a big shadow.

And - now the most important part of all... decide that you have no bridge and despite everything that you have ever believed before, your life is already wonderful now, the dream land is already under your feet, (If you are now hearing arguing inside your body and saying it isn't - just check and ask yourself if this is your Troll speaking. Open a window and look outside, if you can see grass, trees, flowers or sky, you are in your dream land and you just haven't been looking properly.)

Once you start to notice and think everything is a miracle and a golden opportunity, miracles and golden opportunities will come. Not because you are kidding yourself, but because when you believe, it starts to happen and come true. Suddenly you can see the good bits in people and you stop picking at all the bad bits. Everyone including you will have your best interests at heart and if it appears they don't, it will be because they are opening a new opportunity for you somewhere else. So thats good anyway. If you switch your thinking like this you will know that you have never made a single mistake, even though you've been told by your Troll that you are a sucky, sucky loser.

Everything you have ever done has led you to this moment of understanding and thats just perfect as it is. As this awareness of freedom sinks into your bones just remember something - nobody else has made a mistake either. You don't need to forgive anyone, because they were also learning, experiencing and growing. Even if whatever they did was horrible because once you chuck your Troll out you will stop hearing about the bad stuff over and over again and you will be able to move on much stronger. In order for your to have full freedom from your Troll and from the Trolls of others, you need to ensure that you have absolutely and utterly filled in the ground at your feet and that you are concentrating on each moment as it comes so you can make the most of it.

The next step you take in order to ensure that Troll never has power in your life again is to be grateful and celebrate the wonderful things that happen to you and to others - because when you realise that your dream land is under your feet you change your own vibration to one of wonder and miracles. Now you won't want to limit anyone elses journey with the voice of poison that has slowed you down.

Celebrating the success of others makes a field of even more magical appreciation around you and your flow becomes very strong. This brings you to the best thing of all, you get to look inside your heart and see what it says without that nasty echo in the background. You can really figure out who you are and what is right for you. You suddenly realise that when the Troll went - he took the resistance energy and tension with him and that feels so much more free. Now when you look around you see nothing but opportunities, some will suit you and some will not; you can choose to do whatever you want to. Because you are lighter and smiling more you will attract gift opportunities too, so don't go thinking that it's a money thing. (that's a Troll 'con'cept) because the best things in life are free. Including you now. Phew.

*Handling other peoples Trolls is a whole other article.
Just get your own one sorted first. Deb x

**Some Trolls were exterminated in the writing and reading of this article, and some were severely concussed, got crappy and left. I'm not apologising for that, in fact I'm celebrating it. The Troll in this article turned out to be male, it doesn't make me a man-hater, I am sure there are female Trolls too. Sometimes they will even sound like they are your mother nagging. I'm sure its just 'one of those things'.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012


During the course of a reading yesterday the Guides mentioned that my client needed to ask her Navigator Angels which path she should take.
Hmmm I thought - I haven't heard that expression before, but Gee it makes complete sense to me as I have at times needed that help when I felt I had come to a dead end or a major intersection in the road. Let's face it, sometimes you feel like you have just hopped on a roundabout with more lanes than the Champs Elysees. When that happens, a healing thankfully always brings me back to a single lane road. For this, I am so grateful, as to get stuck on that roundabout would drive anyone crazy.
Navigator Angels then, may be spiritual assistance or earthbound and very human assistance bringing through guidance energy for clearing. You can ask for a Navigator Angel any time you like. Just know this, you need to ask in order to get the help - "Ask and ye shall receive." is a very literal piece of biblical advice. As they say - "If you don't ask, you don't get."


Stonehenge calls me, it calls me almost to the marrow in my bones.
I would love to spend a week or so rambling round this incredible historical area.
The hum from the stones is audible to me and as I walked past it, I had to ground myself constantly.
I saw into a past time where a Priestess robed in white stood in the centre with a ceremonial knife raised. She was sacrificing a man on a large stone.
Feeling grateful that I was in the here and now, I felt the glimpse was more a memory than a vision, and wondered slightly squeamishly what my role in that time had been.
I was approximately 30 metres from the site and the energy was so strong, I could almost taste it.
A sacred space indeed, highly charged, a very sensory experience. And well worth a visit.
Research first, I feel is necessary, to get the full benefit of other stone circles in the area. Many more sacred sites are close by, less strenuously guarded and protected, you can get right up to the stones.
There is even a Woodhenge to be tracked down and viewed or experienced and the Glastonbury area is a must.  

Faith and Crystals...

I sleep most nights with around 50 crystals in my bed. They work on me while I'm sleeping and invariably the ones I most need are close to me or under me in the morning and the ones I don't need are on the other side of the bed.

I occasionally wake up holding one even though I didn't go to sleep holding it, and now and then they are stuck to me when I get up. The one that was stuck to me this morning had a word printed on it. It was not only completely appropriate for my current journey, it offered advice for the question I asked before I went to bed.

What was it? Rose Quartz.
And the word? It was Faith.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You are...

You are the warmth of the sunshine, the scent of flowers on the breeze, a sparkle on a glassy sea. Your life holds untold promise. Embrace your magic, stand full in the face of your sacred self and allow you limitless possibilites to arrive in your life daily. You are a blessing to the world. Living love, bliss.
What wonderful experience will happen for you next? In wonder, Deb x

Neighbourhood v.2012

Way to meet the neighbours..... 2012 style.... VROOM...... 'what's that noise?' ARGH THE RUBBISH TRUCK!!!
Sprinting down the road looking spectacular with crazy hair in a Sarong, clutching the rubbish bag and praying hard that no one will peep through their curtains, when HELLO the neighbour from across the road strolls out with his rubbish bag, ....ummmm nice chest Mr Thingummy.... judging by your cringe I gather you were also praying. Yours didn't work either huh?
Next year I'm retiring from neighbourhood show and tell. ♥

Manifesting Mutts...

One small dog prays so hard for food to fall off the bench and then I bump or knock something and invariably a piece of something tasty drops to the floor. (tell you one thing, he doesn't bother to do it with vegetables)
Strong magic... I can't call it an accident - our Merlydawgs real name is Merlin. :oP

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi Deb, Thank you so much for your class yesterday. I was telling my Mom about the clicking. She told me she had something wrong with her but wouldnt tell me. I visualized her then clicking from her feet up I felt a lack of energy in her knee. I then pulled the negative away and told her to put something red on it. With in 2 minutes the pain was gone. AMAZING!!!I was a bit skeptical but now a true believer. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. Sending you love and light. - Windy


An apophyllite pyramid placed on the chest can stop an asthma attack. My small son released his asthma entirely with apophyllite and we never used a nebuliser or any kind of medication for asthma again in our house. Add to a glass of water and then use the water to spray round your auric filed for a cleanser and uplift.


A day for celebrating the golden and flowering essence of your being. Enjoy.
Drink in the sunshine, hold it in both hands and bathe your body in its light.


DeLightScope: You find yourself with a reasonable amount of energy and enthusiasm, tasks are accomplished and things run smoother than you imagined. Perfect solutions spring forward for problems that previously seemed insurmountable and a peaceful sense of satisfaction is yours as things come into alignment simply and efficiently.
You are fairly gorgeous all day and remain so for the rest of the week.
You get lucky when a friend arrives, with leisure time also reaping benefits.

Peaceful sleeps...

Terrible sleeps can be caused by stuck or negative energy in the bed or bedroom. Night after night when you go to bed, the thoughts/stress that you take with you are infused into your pillow. To help yourself sleep its a great idea to do a little blessing or prayer asking to clear. (you can do it) New pillows are often a good option, and so is writing to release the words that race round in your head.
Even if it seems like the most daft stuff, write for a bit, download, then detach. Practice downloading before bed for 10 mins at night - see what happens.
Try lavender to relax and a Sodalite crystal to still mind chatter.

Where do you dwell?

What you dwell on, becomes what you dwell in. Does your 'dwelling on' require a spring clean? Dwell on that which brings you joy, dwell on harmony, on peace, on love, on the magic of sunlight, children, fresh green grass, dwell on the promise summer brings, and dwell on the blessings already in your life, as you enhance the energy around the miracles they flower and grow into more miracles...
Have a beautiful day.


.....a louise hay card

Everything is perfect just as it is. Nothing needs to be done.
You are not broken you are a miracle right now.
You are lovable right now.
Rushing to be made whole will not make you whole, accepting yourself will. Nobody gets a certificate to say they are authentic. You are a living breathing, light filled vessel with unlimited potential and you don't think that you are perfect or authentic? Take another look at yourSelf beautiful.
Stop and smell the roses. Love, Deb x

Rose Tinted Glasses

"If you are feeling a little low I recommend 'wearing' Rose Tinted Glasses. When you view the world with Rose Tinted Glasses you can't stay sad forever. Incidentally Rose is said to heal the heart from loss, grief and pain, it has an anti-depressant qualities and some herbal medical practitioners say a fresh rose petal when placed on an infection site has been known to kill the infection in around 5 minutes. Worth a try if you ask me! Rose is widely used to stabilise emotions and aids general coping with life. Heartwarming and nurturing Rose is also the symbolic flower forJesus Christ."

Full Moon

Full Moon, what were you thinking??
Good Lord I had the most shocking sleep!
On the other hand the gifts you gave were huge.
Thank you for taking the weight off my chest, thank you for giving me the chance to release 2011 crumbs and debris from my auric field, thank you for the opportunity to spend some time with sacred women honouring themselves and their journeys, and thank you so much for the large wave that swept everything free as I finished my prayers.
A magical creative space ensued, changing, rearranging,
adjusting, writing, creating and painting, voices and messages 
are urging me to write, write and write more. God Bless the chance to do so. A great gift indeed. Love, love, love your work. x

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a choice

Life happened to you. You can say this happened to me or that happened to me, you can say He did this to me, She did this to me, they did this to me, but really just life happened to you. Experience happened to you. It's your choice whether to take forward that experience and combine it with who you are. Who you are is fluid, you are an electrical structure, you are an activity, you are the flowing in and the flowing out. You are the breathing in and the breathing out, you are the becoming, you are the beginning and you are the end. You are whatever you wish to be at any given moment and it is just a choice.
Happiness is just a choice, joy is just a choice, experiencing pain, also a choice.
Adversity brings great strength as it's gift. Do not look your gift horse in the mouth, own your great strength, move forward with it and become who you truly are, the most ultimate expression of yourself, fully in your power, becoming, being, a force to be reckoned with.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My lanky 6ft-ish 14 year old Jacko wanders out to the kitchen. Picks up a box from the bench... reading aloud he says "Custard Powder? (his voice raises in pitch slightly) IS this what you use to make custard from?" "Yes Jack" I say. "Vanilla Custard?" he asks rolling his eyes and no doubt imagining a custard fountain where he can alternate between bathing and slurping all day...
"Yes Jack." I say.
"MY GOD" he says, "It's just like Heaven in a box!."
Before I started doing this work I used to just know things about people, my head was like a train station and I dreamed things that happened and had deja vu experiences.
I lived across the road from a lady that sometimes used to look at me strangely and one day she revealed that she was psychic. Quite psychic in fact. Really telepathic and as she started to share more of her insights with me I to...ld her I would love to know how to do all that stuff. She looked at me really strangely and said "Don't you know you are psychic?" I said No of course I didn't, because I wasn't and she sent me home to write down all the things that I just knew.
Once I sat down, I wrote for an hour and a half. I had a pile of little bits of paper and had remembered some of my childhood that had been blocked from my near death experience with encephalitis. I saw all sorts of things as a child and had been told I had a big imagination. It was true, my imaging faculty was keenly developed. I saw people fighting other people and dying, I saw all sorts of things. Too much for a young person to handle. I used to beg my mother to tell me there was no such thing as ghosts at night because thats when they came. Eventually for my own self preservation I expect, that side of me was shut down and almost wrapped away in some kind of foggy blanket for review at a later date.
So for some lady to tell me I was psychic at 38 years old, it came as a revelation. I was literally the last person to know, as I had predicted several things that came to be for people and promptly forgotten all about them. The information isn't mine, so it doesn't necessarily stay with me. 

 These days I just know things about people, my head is like a train station and I dream things that happen and have deja vu experiences amongst other things - however, now I know what it is, it's a gift in my life and in conjunction with my life lessons and other spiritual experiences learned so far it's the fabric of who I am.
Who are you? Do you know?
More importantly - do you remember?

What the world needs now....

Severn Suzuki speaking on behalf of the Children of the world 1992 UN

Severn Cullis-Suzuki is known as The Girl Who Silenced the World as a result of her speech to UN in 1992, self funded with a group of friends that formed the Environmental Childrens Organisation aged 9.

She urges people to take individual responsibility and set their values according to the future they wish to leave for their children.
As I rediscover the kitchen on my few days off, fresh fruit and berries are sitting in a pile calling out to me... thought I would google a little to see what appeals and I found Nigella Lawson and her blog...
Gotta love the lady - she is ...sassy... she says...
"I can't move for people talking about detoxing right now, and call me contrary, but it just made me have to make a cake."

Love it.
Nigella is a poster girl for curvy gorgeousness and recent surveys in Britain show that 2 out of 3 women are looking for curves like hers, and Kate Winsletts. Some would say she is eating terrible food and loading people up with calories etc, I see her living her bliss, in style and doing it joyously and with great love. BRAVO. That checkmates every other thing you do out of duty, out of fear, out of pressure from other people any day of the week.
Rock on Nigella, you really are a Goddess!!