Thursday, June 14, 2012

Light comes when we allow it

Light comes when we allow it.
When we remove our resistance to its existence.
Because it's already here.
Peace comes when we allow it.
When we remove our resistance to its existence.
Because it's already here.
Love comes when we allow it. Yes. It does.
When we remove our resistance to its existence.
Because it's already here.
So simple - yet so difficult. Why?
Freedom comes when we discover - however we discover - we are vessels of light and peace and love and that we can never be separate from each other because our interconnectedness has no opposite.
What we do to ourSelves, we are doing to others and all of the 'space' we see in between us and the others.
What we do to others we are doing to ourSelves.
So to cast rocks, throw stones, curse and carry on goes around this sphere we call home and comes to settle at your own back. This karma you wish others would get back, is already coming to them as the law of cause and effect comes into play. As you put your 10 cents in though, you become an investor. Will you get interest I wonder? Or just your 10 cents back?
Your challenge is to see the light and the love and the peace in every other being on the planet.
Even the trickier ones. The challenging beings that come here to cause chaos and destruction create environments in which everyday people can become helpers, angels, healers, heroes and support crews.
Pain often draws people closer together.
Suffering brings opportunities for compassion and demonstrations of great love. It brings opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth and strength.
So the dark, also brings the light just as surely as the night brings the dawn.
There is grace in every moment if you choose to see it.
(c) Deb x 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Babies are in charge

I love this picture. We choose our parents for a learning journey/souls mission.
Imagine if you will - that baby spirit with its hands on the heads of a woman and a man.... like a giant chess set. Baby says "No - that's not my Dad... I don't want a Rook and a Pawn together. (Moving the Pawn and selecting a Queen.)  "Here is my MUM!" Right... now.... what about this Knight? "No, I don't think thats gonna work for this journey - that armour looks like its hiding something. She needs a King."

Sometimes the baby needs the lessons from the Pawn and the Rook, sometimes from the Knight and the Queen. Sometimes there is total suprise on the planet as the Pawn and the King get together and noses are put out of joint all round... some Mothers or Fathers of Kings or Queens can get awfully tetchy if they have babies with Pawns. Thankfully some Pawns realise that they are only holding themselves back and become the Kings and Queens that they truly are and don't take it to heart too much (clearly that kind of behaviour is unnecessary.)  
Sometimes these pieces get together and then BOOM! There's a surprise baby!
"How did that happen" the pieces say? (We know how it happened of course, and honestly - who are they trying to kid?) Whats interesting is that down here (on that other planet you see in the background of this picture) People (we will call them grown ups) imagine themselves to be in charge of this procedure and they plan their babies. Sometimes those babies agree conditions are harmonious and they come along - however sometimes conditions are not harmonious.

Sometimes people try to have babies together and it doesn't happen and then they believe that they have something wrong with them - it can create so much stress they split up, find a new partner and BOOM here is a baby after all! (Go figure) Sometimes people decide they don't want babies or they don't want any more babies so the King goes along for a little procedure and then find out against all odds that a baby is coming. He looks at the Queen a bit funny as he thinks she may have strayed into the grounds of another castle while he was away doing a little random conquering.

Babies will even wait, with their arms folded tapping their toes until parents make room for them in their lives. Some babies love the element of surprise and like to wait until they hear their Mums and Dads told, "no way - you won't have a baby." Those ones are tricky and come to teach their parents about faith, surrender and miracles.

Some Kings and Queens are spared babies so they can love many children and be sacred helpers serving humanity. And some are here to be inspired to care for babies that have chosen them, but couldn't come through them because they needed to teach someone else something first. Some are here to be the channel that creates a baby as a sacred and miraculous gift for another.

All babies come for their mission, no matter what that mission is and no matter whether they get through all the way or not. Each is a gift from God, they all have come to honour and be honoured and they know before they take the voyage exactly what is going to happen to them. They are all brave souls and have much to teach us on many levels if we will only listen. Their message is one of acceptance, love, wisdom and abundance, of hope and grace and the promise of miraculous things.

They bring us the gift of a mirror, as we are only too quick to look and see the beauty of new born, but often fail to associate ourselves with the same perfection of Source energy.
We are each as new and special always, no matter what happens to us in our lives, we are always able (sometimes with a little help and a great deal of courage and diligence needed) to reconnect to our original selves and become that youthful free spirit once again.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Embrace every day...

Do not complain about your life until you investigate the ideas you have.
Make sure your ideas serve your wellness - if they do not - THROW THEM OUT. Get new ideas or leave room for the birth of inspiration.
Bitterness will never make you better, or better than anyone else. Avoid toxic conversations and situations.
Understand that when two people are angry and you don't like it - you are the one who needs to do something about it. More anger feeds the war, put your weapons down. And leave the battleground.
The idea that someone has wronged you is spiritually flawed.
Every step of your journey has been your teacher, if you did not learn from it - it's guaranteed you have another lesson coming.
Learn fast - requiring the same lesson over and over is not bad luck.
Know that if 'love' requires selling yourSelf short - it's not love - and do something about it.
Be a friend to yourSelf. If you have no friends and you don't like yourSelf either - you know where to start.
Embrace every day as a delivery vessel for new possibilities.
Recognise and honour your values and your virtues.
Dream a dream and take some steps towards it.
Be just a little braver than you think you can be.
Feed your inner child as often as possible.
Light a candle for yourSelf every day. (or when you remember)
Find something to be thankful for.
Do something for somebody else.
Make praise one of your hobbies.
Speak your truth.
If you love someone - tell them - a moment of such courage could change your life forever.
If someone doesn't love you - move on. The person who will love you is waiting. Taking the ghost of your old partner into your new relationship is one of those ideas you need to examine.
Remember you have a purpose on this planet.
Know that miracles already surround you.
See the beauty in small things.
Heal yourSelf in nature. At least go for a walk, hug a tree, swim in the sea or lay on the grass.
Laugh uproariously.
Share your stories of hope and love.
Act on your hunches.
Smell the roses.
Paint with your hands.
Meditate and rest when you need to. (you need to often)
Love wildly, passionately, deeply, gently, loyally and often.
Give your smiles away.
Surrender everything you can do nothing about. And surrender all your pain and all your (perceived) unhealed relationships.
Find out who you are. Do that NOW. Your joyfulness heals the planet. If you don't know how to start finding your joy - observe puppies and small children playing with water.
Get over yourSelf.
Give with grace.
Receive with grace.
Be pleased to know the end of the world is not today.
You have both less time and more time than you think. So hurry up and... slow down.
Eat honey. If 2000 year old honey is still edible and if 'you are what you eat' is really true, then honey IS the bees knees.
You are each and every one of you a gift filled with gifts. Treasuring yourSelf will help you to honour your gifts.
Drink more water.
Wishing you a miraculous day.
Deb x
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012