Thursday, January 12, 2012


Stonehenge calls me, it calls me almost to the marrow in my bones.
I would love to spend a week or so rambling round this incredible historical area.
The hum from the stones is audible to me and as I walked past it, I had to ground myself constantly.
I saw into a past time where a Priestess robed in white stood in the centre with a ceremonial knife raised. She was sacrificing a man on a large stone.
Feeling grateful that I was in the here and now, I felt the glimpse was more a memory than a vision, and wondered slightly squeamishly what my role in that time had been.
I was approximately 30 metres from the site and the energy was so strong, I could almost taste it.
A sacred space indeed, highly charged, a very sensory experience. And well worth a visit.
Research first, I feel is necessary, to get the full benefit of other stone circles in the area. Many more sacred sites are close by, less strenuously guarded and protected, you can get right up to the stones.
There is even a Woodhenge to be tracked down and viewed or experienced and the Glastonbury area is a must.  

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