Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the Soul chooses its Mission for Earth...

The Soul says .... "I want to journey there - to that beautiful shining jewel of a planet."
And the Soul is asked - are you sure? Do you know that you have to help there if you go there?
And the Soul says yes.

The Soul is asked, are you sure?
Do you know you have to select and take with you other Souls and engage with them in trials and lessons? 
And the Soul says yes.
And the Soul is asked, Are you really sure? Some of these lessons will be very painful and you will have to wear a suit that is very heavy, you will likely forget when you swim through the river that you are made of light and you are there for a mission; when you are there it will be your job to remember you chose this mission and to make peace with your choice.

And the Soul looks at the beautiful bright sparkling jewel Planet and says yes.
"Yes, I want to help because I am being called, I am being pulled and I will have a mission. And all the other Souls will remind me of it - surely they will."

And the Wise One is silent.
For this courageous Soul has done all he needs to do, he has said Yes three times, and he speaks of that which he does not understand.
No one but the Soul can experience this particular journey.

The bravery, the courage and the strength required to take this journey is immense. And so the Planet grows by one more Soul.
The Mission is sacred, but often forgotten in the arrival into the heaviness of the Planet. And the other Souls on the Planet don't remind in ways that are easily understood.
The clues are all there, though, like apples on a tree, easily picked. Some of the missions feel very hard, the Souls look for something their heart tells them is there, but sometimes they can't find it. They look for other Souls to guide them and be with them, to love them and learn that they sometimes just have to be patient. The remembering is crucial as the Soul awakens then and once the lesson of unconditional acceptance is completed the pain of resistance is released.

All the Souls are here for a mission. Very individual missions, and when the Souls complete their set of missions they don't have to come back to the Planet.

The mission is simple, but made so difficult because of the forgetting.

The mission is this: To turn from pain and find that which illuminates the Soul fully and engage with it until there is nothing else but light.
To be unafraid in this engagement.
To light a light so bright that it is a beacon for others and can be seen from the place that the Planet is originally viewed from.

It is then that the Wise One calls the Soul home for the final time.
And the Soul rests.
And so it is.

I wish you well on your mission.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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