Saturday, January 14, 2012

Losing Con, the Troll

Handing over your power. You do it often to other people but do you realise how many times you do it to your Troll?
The troll is a grumpy grouchy energy stealing attention seeker who sits under the bridge to your dream land, where you would get sleek and healthy with a glossy shiny coat and where there would be limitless potential.
The Troll is the Master of the word Can't and Fail. He says "You can't do this, you can't do that, you're not good enough, you're fat, you wear the wrong clothes and you fail everytime you try." 
And worse, "Everyone-is-going-to-laugh-at-YOU."

He is a nasty little creature who will Con you out of having your beautiful life by stopping you before you even get out the starting gate. Trolls eat gold, (abundance) dreams, joy and self esteem.
They also poison water and block the flow. Trolls often leave tension around the neck and shoulders and love to give people crappy attitudes, feelings of being ripped off, migraines and sleepless nights.

Trolls want you to have the most Human journey possible, the one where you are on the mousewheel, being born, paying tax and then dying. He is shortsighted and comes from the land of Not-enough-to-go-around. He is a miser and won't share. Trolls know that when you open up your life to limitless possibilities, kindness, miracles and following your heart no matter what any one else thinks - all Heaven will break loose, you will want to keep your self esteem and wonderful things will happen to you, which means his life support will dry up so he is very sneaky.
You can hear his voice when you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure, when you are ready to do something new and exciting or when you are about to do something that would challenge others. Sometimes he is under a bridge beneath your feet and sometimes he is under a bridge beneath theirs. 

Always he is in a bad mood, he is a liar and a cheat and you know you should never trust a con artist. Sometimes he will even try to falsely puff you up by telling you that you are better than people. He likes you to feel good in a mean way, which isn't really good at all. The good news is... you can scare him off. He sometimes brings a big black scary dog with him, but you can starve that till it disappears as well.

His secret name is Fear and he hates light. So when you hear him talking to you, you can tell him back that he is not the boss of you. If his voice is insidiously emanating from under your bridge you can do this. Ask for light to illuminate your bridge and your pathway, tell him he is not real and then do this - name him, it takes away his power. 
Because fears aren't real. He is only casting a big shadow.

And - now the most important part of all... decide that you have no bridge and despite everything that you have ever believed before, your life is already wonderful now, the dream land is already under your feet, (If you are now hearing arguing inside your body and saying it isn't - just check and ask yourself if this is your Troll speaking. Open a window and look outside, if you can see grass, trees, flowers or sky, you are in your dream land and you just haven't been looking properly.)

Once you start to notice and think everything is a miracle and a golden opportunity, miracles and golden opportunities will come. Not because you are kidding yourself, but because when you believe, it starts to happen and come true. Suddenly you can see the good bits in people and you stop picking at all the bad bits. Everyone including you will have your best interests at heart and if it appears they don't, it will be because they are opening a new opportunity for you somewhere else. So thats good anyway. If you switch your thinking like this you will know that you have never made a single mistake, even though you've been told by your Troll that you are a sucky, sucky loser.

Everything you have ever done has led you to this moment of understanding and thats just perfect as it is. As this awareness of freedom sinks into your bones just remember something - nobody else has made a mistake either. You don't need to forgive anyone, because they were also learning, experiencing and growing. Even if whatever they did was horrible because once you chuck your Troll out you will stop hearing about the bad stuff over and over again and you will be able to move on much stronger. In order for your to have full freedom from your Troll and from the Trolls of others, you need to ensure that you have absolutely and utterly filled in the ground at your feet and that you are concentrating on each moment as it comes so you can make the most of it.

The next step you take in order to ensure that Troll never has power in your life again is to be grateful and celebrate the wonderful things that happen to you and to others - because when you realise that your dream land is under your feet you change your own vibration to one of wonder and miracles. Now you won't want to limit anyone elses journey with the voice of poison that has slowed you down.

Celebrating the success of others makes a field of even more magical appreciation around you and your flow becomes very strong. This brings you to the best thing of all, you get to look inside your heart and see what it says without that nasty echo in the background. You can really figure out who you are and what is right for you. You suddenly realise that when the Troll went - he took the resistance energy and tension with him and that feels so much more free. Now when you look around you see nothing but opportunities, some will suit you and some will not; you can choose to do whatever you want to. Because you are lighter and smiling more you will attract gift opportunities too, so don't go thinking that it's a money thing. (that's a Troll 'con'cept) because the best things in life are free. Including you now. Phew.

*Handling other peoples Trolls is a whole other article.
Just get your own one sorted first. Deb x

**Some Trolls were exterminated in the writing and reading of this article, and some were severely concussed, got crappy and left. I'm not apologising for that, in fact I'm celebrating it. The Troll in this article turned out to be male, it doesn't make me a man-hater, I am sure there are female Trolls too. Sometimes they will even sound like they are your mother nagging. I'm sure its just 'one of those things'.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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