Saturday, March 24, 2012

George's Gift

The first day George came in to Miracleworker I watched him come up the steps and wondered what kind of experience I was going to have with him.
He was about 82, a strong man still, with very beautiful energy and a permanent smile. He fixed me with a beady eyed look and asked me what I was "up to in here." I told him a little of what I did. He inquired about why I did Free Hugs and had a look around the shop, poked at some crystals (he had good taste I noted) and said "I used to do a fair bit of this - I'll be back, I like it in here." And he went on his way, walking down the road. I enjoyed him.
The next time he came in my friend Pryce was minding the counter for me while I was doing a reading. George said 'Hi' and proceeded to have a good old yarn with Pryce before leaving.

A great deal of grace surrounds George, and as I left them to it, I smiled to myself at how Pryce can relate and banter with anyone, thinking to myself - they should have an interesting conversation.
I didn't expect Pryce to be looking quite so bemused as I came back into the room.
"Isn't George a bit of a sweetie?" I said.

Pryce gave a small snort, his dimples went off the radar and he said.... "well, he was certainly interesting. We had a chat about spirituality and religion and being teenage hoons, and George told me when he was younger he had found the Bible very useful. And once he stopped being a Christian it was even very economical to use - especially as it was made out of rice paper and a good size for rolling up his doobies."
I was intrigued, floored, challenged, amused (and more) by this and pondered it for a while afterwards.
George has come in several times since, we have had a few chats and I have gifted him a couple of special crystals which I discovered later, he always carries with him.
He has taught me a bit about the world and he says "the best thing to do, no matter what anyone else ever does is just to always send love." People make it too hard he says, but it's easy. That's all they need he says, just love.
His days of smoking psalms and scripture are long gone and he reckons he has sent enough love to make up for his earlier misdemeanours.
George is one of my shining lights from Royal Oak and I will always remember him fondly as a special part of my time there. I don't know where he lives or what his surname is and I will likely never see him again. What's important is that we met. 
Over time he brought many little gifts but today he brought the greatest gift of all.

He walked up the steps, and stood for a while surveying the stripped out shop.
I witnessed him experiencing the changes and deciding how he felt about it.
He fixed me with his blue eyes, wrapped a big, beautiful golden ball of light and love energy right through and around me and said quietly "I will never forget you."
I don't think I need to tell you I cried.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easy Listening - Supermarket Shopping with your Guides

Do you know how to get spiritual help with the groceries and your diet and environment at the same time? It's shopping with Spirit.

Go to to the supermarket when you have plenty of time; make sure you've had something to eat and some water too. And you have been to the bathroom if you need it.
So your body is comfortable, satisfied and nothing is pressing on you or rushing you in any way. Take paper and a pen, you will need to make the odd note.
Building a communication bridge is most important and it's my opinion the supermarket is without a doubt one of the best places to do it. Yes/No answers and lots of them surround you from the entry to the exit.

Once you are in the Supermarket – take a moment to breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth and just connect with the surroundings. Ask in your mind “What do I need here today – what is best for me/my family?” and let yourself wander through, not thinking about what you have at home, but allowing yourself instead to be attracted to items. Wander, it’s the key.

You will know about some things you need to purchase anyway, but as much as possible follow what you are attracted to. Take a good look at each item your eyes fall on, be open to discovering why, choose whether or not you take it home but make sure to note it down if you decide not to for later checking.
A few years ago while I was shopping I was walking along saying to myself " I need bread, bread, bread, I need bread' and over the top of my voice came "and butter" and thats when I realised I didn't need a list. And I had help. How many times have you come home, discovered you were out of something and it had popped up and said hello to you, or popped into your head while shopping? Lightbulbs, toilet paper, tampons and rubbish bags are the real kickers.

Take note of all mental pictures that pop in, don’t doubt, just consider each picture.
Ask “what else do I need?” You may be surprised at some of the answers.
Your body knows what it needs. It will endeavour to self-medicate through food if you ‘get out of the way.’ Your subconscious knows and will ‘show’ you what to take home of the essential items such as cleaners or rubbish bags, or while passing rubbish bags you may for instance suddenly remember you were interested in the possibility of getting a worm farm. Note this sort of thing down too.

For example - You may be being encouraged to switch to bio or green type cleaners and although you have regular favourites, just have a think about if anyone has asthma, any kind of recurring illness, breathing difficulties, major stress or allergies in the house. Know that cleaning your house from top to bottom with poison won’t be helping and while bio or 'green' cleaners sometimes seem dearer, you will save a great deal of money on healthcare and a great deal of discomfort to family. The more sensitive you are the more you will discover benefits,  as your home will feel even more harmonious and you will be responsible for helping the environment, not just of your family, but of everyone.

You may find yourself at home with a range of new products to discover and pack away – you may find you have bought less than you intended to as you realise you weren't called to buy some of the usual items. And you may discover that you didn’t listen! Some items your eyes fell on you said to yourself “no – I’m SURE we have that at home.” How inconvenient.
After a time you will learn to shop, unhurried and hear your body/guides or guidance letting you know what is really good for you.

Wandering in the supermarket while you listen to your body takes the pressure and the unpleasantness out of grocery shopping. You can go into a walking meditation as you do it and you could even think up a mantra for health and wellbeing for your trolley.

You could even discover how to use your body as a pendulum.

Don’t forget to do your research later. See how you go. I’m looking forward to hearing about the outcome. Shall we call it ‘feed back?’ and don't forget to show appreciation to your helpers.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012


Repeat after me.... (if you want to of course)
"What other people say about me is none of my business."
It's one of the most freeing quotes that has ever been handed my way.

Nobody has the right to judge you and we all know that the old game of Chinese Whispers is flawed, flawed, flawed. A. It's not a PC description and B. It's an even less PC pastime.
When it comes to story telling and gossip everyone is an embroiderer. And the best way to avoid toxic people and gossip is to refuse to indulge. The only way you know what is going on is if you are there, and even just two people involved in the same conversation will tell the story two different ways.
There are safe spaces to download, that's different, but passing on someones confidences is cruel and encouraging people to say mean things or sharing them yourself is like feasting on negative energy. There are more constructive things you could take part in.
Don't get downhearted if you find you are the subject of meanness, it means you are notable. You will also become last weeks newspaper at some stage when people who feast find someone else fresher and juicier to pick at.
Just be happy you are concerning yourself with filling your life with what serves you, embrace the gorgeous experiences you are choosing for you and be thankful for the grace of knowing the difference.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Replace belief with Knowing...

God, Source or the Universe moves through us regardless of whether we are consciously aware of it. We either work with it or we don't. It's there for us.
It is and isn't our power.

We are each a channel. A vessel. Each and everyone of us is incarnate - a meat suit. A face. A mask if you like, with an eternal flame that burns within us.
That flame and all matter around us links us irrevocably with Divine mind, but you can override the programming any time you want with your belief system.

What volume of or connection to Source do you offer yourSelf consciously?
If you believe you are disconnected and offer yourself on the level of 'nobody gives a rats arse and I'm all on my own' your channel for miracles for yourSelf and others will be like a drinking straw. It will be there all the same, but you will be also channelling the belief that life is hard, miracles are the things that happen to other people and surrounding yourSelf with this isn't going to bring you pleasure. You will however be right and its a very human condition to need to be right. Does being right make it feel good though?

Being a conduit for miracles is nothing to do with the ego and everything to do with knowing.

Knowing not believing. Believing means there is something to disbelieve. Knowing is full acceptance of the fact that you are walking with Source every single step of the way. And even when you have believed you weren't - you were. Once you know this, every thing that happens is an adventure to enjoy the unfolding of. Knowing makes you a firehose, not a drinking straw.

Knowing IS the miracle. Miracles surround you whether or not you are using 'spiritual manners' such as gratitude; they surround you whether or not you are wearing the eyes to see them. 

As you open yourSelf in the knowing that you are working with, simultaneously housing and contained by Source, you release all the drama by simply stepping back from it and this space is the free space your miracles arise in. 
You understand that you are held in a sea of possibilities and you can never be disconnected unless by your own belief in your 'belief' system.

How about losing some of the belief system for a bit and experimenting with having a knowing system?
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

And the flowers bloom again...

Fight your heart and your heart will fight you back
Fight your liver and your liver will fight you back
Fight your family and your family will fight you back
Fight your life situations and they will fight you back
Fight your neighbour and he will fight you back
If your country fights with another country, that country is bound to fight yours back.
The path to peace starts in your heart.
Call off the fight and ask your heart what it is trying to tell you.
The Resistance is made redundant at the end of the War.
Then there is peace and then there is progress.
And the flowers bloom again.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The meditations of the child

As children we had great meditation places to go to. Paddocks. Lawns. Swimming pools. Beaches. Trees.
We flew kites and LOVED the way they danced on the breeze. Laughed, cried and howled when they smashed themselves to bits in a gust.
We climbed trees. We made up stories, games and swung high. We slid on wet grass down hills or rolled down them. Played in dens, made forts, jumped in puddles, mad
e homemade stilts, dammed creeks, caught eels, wiped our hands on our jumpers and ate the lollipops found in a pocket even when they had a bit of fluff stuck to them. We often did just what we wanted to do, had pleasure for pleasures sake and all of it was free.
We said Abracadabra and we knew magic was real because we were surrounded by it.
Then we grew up and along the way we did a bit of forgetting.
As the spirit journey unfolds, that kind of meditation is most useful; you can go to a class, but the best thing you can do is find you.
I find the best place to find me is in the trees and the grass and the sky. The echoes of my inner child are still skipping in the places that feel like freedom and feeling awe in the mighty power of thunderstorms, joy in the colours of the rainbow, and rejuvenation in the sea. Freedom, joy, awe and rejuvenation is meditation and also a healing so simple and yes - free. It's all there where you left it - a standing invitation you can accept at any time you choose.
It's time for us to go back to the heart of who we are.
To set ourselves free in nature. Instead of saying to yourself that children don't know what the real world is like, see the delight of small children, embrace their magic, release resistance to experiencing pleasure, allow their wisdom to teach you and their joy to be the bridge that helps you back find to your own.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012