Monday, May 21, 2012

Radical Positive Lifestyle Changes - Number 5 Year

2012 - a number 5 year - Change (amongst other things) has brought about some radical positive lifestyle changes for me.
1. Hair Allergy Test: Not for the fainthearted however as far as the Transformation Factor goes - it gets a 10/10 from me. As I've said before - tell me to go on a 'diet' and I will back away from you and make a mental note that you may well be a control freak. Tell me my body is having a constant allergic reaction to the rubbish I am making it process and that becomes an engineering issue, I am all good with the nuts and bolts of things. Out goes the crap food. Who would eat poison on purpose? That's like me getting daily bee stings on purpose. 
2. Throw in some adrenal support while I am streamlining - Yellow Diamonds. Wow If you are looking for a little help to release toxins, clear your mind and shed the stuff that weighs you down, rock on, this stuff is good. Mind you make sure its suitable for you.
3. Protein Shakes - I always thought these were horrific tasting things that bodybuilders and dieters used, funny, but I look forward to mine, because if you want a bit of fast food thats gonna help you - here it is. I had a couple a day for a while, but not for that long, now I have one every couple of days.
4. Mermaiding. Honestly. Suck it up and go have a splash, It's sooo good for you.
5. Surrendering. Because no matter what you think - you are just not in charge. Hand over the responsibility of 90% of the rubbish you are 'carrying round' - it's not yours.
6. STOP PRESS!!! More for the ladies than the men, Weleda Birch Scrub is really good for getting rid of that thing that shall remain unnamed that appears to be the bane of most womens butts and thighs..... (starts with a 'C' if you are needing further clues) I only discovered it last week and combined with all the other little wonderful things it is really good...
7. Naam Yoga. And here is a bit of oversharing for you - yes it's true - I was really nervous about going to Yoga incase I farted. One leg in the air and one leg out the window - I mean sooner or later it's got to happen right? Well it hasn't yet. Lol. And no I'm not gonna tell you when (I mean if) it does, but apparently there is even a FARTING Yoga - don't ask me what it's called. I bet someones brother started it.
And without taking any kind of supplements if you just get rid of the rubbish thats bogging you down mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally - you know you will be better for it. Indulge - yes indulge, no it's not a chore - in prayer, meditation or little rituals that include affirmations and maybe a lit candle. Bless your day and yourSelf each day and you will see radical positive changes in your life. And in comes more intuitive connection, a sense of freedom, more personal power, better self esteem (and my old favourite jeans that I LOVE to wear when I'm painting.)

It's just got to be good for you.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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