Sunday, June 3, 2012

Embrace every day...

Do not complain about your life until you investigate the ideas you have.
Make sure your ideas serve your wellness - if they do not - THROW THEM OUT. Get new ideas or leave room for the birth of inspiration.
Bitterness will never make you better, or better than anyone else. Avoid toxic conversations and situations.
Understand that when two people are angry and you don't like it - you are the one who needs to do something about it. More anger feeds the war, put your weapons down. And leave the battleground.
The idea that someone has wronged you is spiritually flawed.
Every step of your journey has been your teacher, if you did not learn from it - it's guaranteed you have another lesson coming.
Learn fast - requiring the same lesson over and over is not bad luck.
Know that if 'love' requires selling yourSelf short - it's not love - and do something about it.
Be a friend to yourSelf. If you have no friends and you don't like yourSelf either - you know where to start.
Embrace every day as a delivery vessel for new possibilities.
Recognise and honour your values and your virtues.
Dream a dream and take some steps towards it.
Be just a little braver than you think you can be.
Feed your inner child as often as possible.
Light a candle for yourSelf every day. (or when you remember)
Find something to be thankful for.
Do something for somebody else.
Make praise one of your hobbies.
Speak your truth.
If you love someone - tell them - a moment of such courage could change your life forever.
If someone doesn't love you - move on. The person who will love you is waiting. Taking the ghost of your old partner into your new relationship is one of those ideas you need to examine.
Remember you have a purpose on this planet.
Know that miracles already surround you.
See the beauty in small things.
Heal yourSelf in nature. At least go for a walk, hug a tree, swim in the sea or lay on the grass.
Laugh uproariously.
Share your stories of hope and love.
Act on your hunches.
Smell the roses.
Paint with your hands.
Meditate and rest when you need to. (you need to often)
Love wildly, passionately, deeply, gently, loyally and often.
Give your smiles away.
Surrender everything you can do nothing about. And surrender all your pain and all your (perceived) unhealed relationships.
Find out who you are. Do that NOW. Your joyfulness heals the planet. If you don't know how to start finding your joy - observe puppies and small children playing with water.
Get over yourSelf.
Give with grace.
Receive with grace.
Be pleased to know the end of the world is not today.
You have both less time and more time than you think. So hurry up and... slow down.
Eat honey. If 2000 year old honey is still edible and if 'you are what you eat' is really true, then honey IS the bees knees.
You are each and every one of you a gift filled with gifts. Treasuring yourSelf will help you to honour your gifts.
Drink more water.
Wishing you a miraculous day.
Deb x
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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