Monday, April 2, 2012

Illness/Human Mind vs. Wellness/Divine Mind

When people tell me I'm amazing... I hope that they can accept the same praise. And I would offer these few points...

1. You are amazing. You may not have realised it yet, but I have and I can see it. Don't put me or anyone on a pedestal. The wind blows. You fall off. People get bitchy, you get lonely.
It's totally inappopriate for me considering 99% of what 'I' do is actually the Divine working through me. I will call myself a healer, because if I don't show up God doesn't come with me. But I am only an insignificant part of what I do. The healing is only possible because I am not responsible for it. My belief in or knowledge of the limitless power of creation, light and miracles and the willingness to hold a space for that to flow through is all that I need. If you don't think that you're as good as the next person or if you don't think you can do what I can - you have a flawed belief. (we can work on that)

Rumi wrote - 'Hundreds of thousands of impressions from the invisible world, are eagerly wanting to come through you. I get dizzy with the abundance.'

It's a truth.

Illness is an idea in Human mind - Wellness is an idea in Divine mind that only needs to register with somebody and be applied. And that can all be done etherically. And it is as simple as clicking your fingers or using your mind. 
Remember a Course in Miracles says 'there is no order of difficulty among miracles. No miracle is greater or smaller than another.'
It is only our limited perception that claims this.

2. Don't give me a label or put me in a box.
If anything I am a Deb. I'm a mix of Human and Divine and I have realised I am infinite. It took me long enough! I wish more people would.
I'm here to see that happens.
*There are not enough trees to build a box for infinite.

When enough of us realise we are infinite the world will know peace.

3. We really are just light. All you need to do to learn there is light within your body is to hold your eyelids firmly closed and wait the for sparkles/colour to show up. Therefore we benefit greatly when we illumine ourSelves. One day I hope we all understand how truly sacred it is to light a candle for ourSelves.

This is my truth. Consider it carefully - it may also be yours, and if it is - it has the power to set you free.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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