Saturday, March 24, 2012

George's Gift

The first day George came in to Miracleworker I watched him come up the steps and wondered what kind of experience I was going to have with him.
He was about 82, a strong man still, with very beautiful energy and a permanent smile. He fixed me with a beady eyed look and asked me what I was "up to in here." I told him a little of what I did. He inquired about why I did Free Hugs and had a look around the shop, poked at some crystals (he had good taste I noted) and said "I used to do a fair bit of this - I'll be back, I like it in here." And he went on his way, walking down the road. I enjoyed him.
The next time he came in my friend Pryce was minding the counter for me while I was doing a reading. George said 'Hi' and proceeded to have a good old yarn with Pryce before leaving.

A great deal of grace surrounds George, and as I left them to it, I smiled to myself at how Pryce can relate and banter with anyone, thinking to myself - they should have an interesting conversation.
I didn't expect Pryce to be looking quite so bemused as I came back into the room.
"Isn't George a bit of a sweetie?" I said.

Pryce gave a small snort, his dimples went off the radar and he said.... "well, he was certainly interesting. We had a chat about spirituality and religion and being teenage hoons, and George told me when he was younger he had found the Bible very useful. And once he stopped being a Christian it was even very economical to use - especially as it was made out of rice paper and a good size for rolling up his doobies."
I was intrigued, floored, challenged, amused (and more) by this and pondered it for a while afterwards.
George has come in several times since, we have had a few chats and I have gifted him a couple of special crystals which I discovered later, he always carries with him.
He has taught me a bit about the world and he says "the best thing to do, no matter what anyone else ever does is just to always send love." People make it too hard he says, but it's easy. That's all they need he says, just love.
His days of smoking psalms and scripture are long gone and he reckons he has sent enough love to make up for his earlier misdemeanours.
George is one of my shining lights from Royal Oak and I will always remember him fondly as a special part of my time there. I don't know where he lives or what his surname is and I will likely never see him again. What's important is that we met. 
Over time he brought many little gifts but today he brought the greatest gift of all.

He walked up the steps, and stood for a while surveying the stripped out shop.
I witnessed him experiencing the changes and deciding how he felt about it.
He fixed me with his blue eyes, wrapped a big, beautiful golden ball of light and love energy right through and around me and said quietly "I will never forget you."
I don't think I need to tell you I cried.

(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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