Thursday, March 1, 2012

The meditations of the child

As children we had great meditation places to go to. Paddocks. Lawns. Swimming pools. Beaches. Trees.
We flew kites and LOVED the way they danced on the breeze. Laughed, cried and howled when they smashed themselves to bits in a gust.
We climbed trees. We made up stories, games and swung high. We slid on wet grass down hills or rolled down them. Played in dens, made forts, jumped in puddles, mad
e homemade stilts, dammed creeks, caught eels, wiped our hands on our jumpers and ate the lollipops found in a pocket even when they had a bit of fluff stuck to them. We often did just what we wanted to do, had pleasure for pleasures sake and all of it was free.
We said Abracadabra and we knew magic was real because we were surrounded by it.
Then we grew up and along the way we did a bit of forgetting.
As the spirit journey unfolds, that kind of meditation is most useful; you can go to a class, but the best thing you can do is find you.
I find the best place to find me is in the trees and the grass and the sky. The echoes of my inner child are still skipping in the places that feel like freedom and feeling awe in the mighty power of thunderstorms, joy in the colours of the rainbow, and rejuvenation in the sea. Freedom, joy, awe and rejuvenation is meditation and also a healing so simple and yes - free. It's all there where you left it - a standing invitation you can accept at any time you choose.
It's time for us to go back to the heart of who we are.
To set ourselves free in nature. Instead of saying to yourself that children don't know what the real world is like, see the delight of small children, embrace their magic, release resistance to experiencing pleasure, allow their wisdom to teach you and their joy to be the bridge that helps you back find to your own.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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