Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Secret and very tricky path to world peace...

The Secret and Very Tricky path to World Peace:
On a rainy day - skip in a puddle.
On a sunny day - lie on the grass.
On a cloudy day - make pictures in the clouds.
On any day - hold out your hand to someone, anyone and have fun.
Blow love into the hearts of people everywhere, blue, pink, red, orange, green, yellow or purple. Regardless of what they call their God or whether they have one; even if they don't understand you, you don't understand them or they make you mad. Small kids know how to do this because they wave at you when they are on the bus. Do you wave back? Hug people. Anyone. Do random acts of kindness. And feel love. Feel awe. Experience beauty. Welcome kindess, radiate miracles. Dream BIG dreams.And don't, don't, don't take anything too seriously regardless of what the fun police will tell you. Pray meaningfully or find meaning in something that brings your heart peace. Contact the Centre of yourSelf for you are worth listening to. Follow your heart. Remember when you point your finger there are three pointing back at you, so if you're pointing at someone, your finger should probably be loaded with blessings. Drink plenty of water. Get some sleep too. And DON'T wear sunscreen, that stuff is poisonous!!! Peace. xo

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