Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Need to Know Points About Psychics!

A male friend of mine went to a psychic at a show who told him he would lose his best friend and kill himself. He had maybe 10 minutes with this guy, paid for his Reading and left. He walked away saying to himself "This guy is angry and how dangerous is it to tell people things like that?"
The same Psychic (on the same day) told a lady who was in great need of love, there would be no man in her life for 6 - 8 yrs, but good news if she concentrated on business she would be a millionaire eventually. The same lady was also told by an online psychic she had a curse on her family and house. Needless to say it was extremely upsetting and detrimental, in fact quite destructive to the lady in question. Nobody suggested support, house blessings, who to go to or to get a second opinion. In fact the online Psychic who started off free became expensive. (Of course)
We all agree on some level to have the experiences that we have on this earth plane however we open ourselves up to psychics and there are a few things that I've learned people need to know.
'Guides' or 'Guidance' is loose terminology. You can be guided for good or bad.
Psychics are NOT your last stop shop for information. Don't rely on their advice. Hear it, store it, browse it and see what unfolds. 'Psychic' information is sometimes harmful and destructive, do NOT sit with a Psychic and hand over your life power to them unless you feel they are nice well rounded people that you feel have a Divine link and are working from a place of love and progress. Some of them will hit you with a sledgehammer - their information might be accurate, but you better be able to cope with their form of delivery. Note: Review Danger information thoroughly. If it's about your health, your house or your car, get a second opinion, go to the Doctor, check smoke alarms, tyres etc. But if it's about spirits get further advice.
Psychic readings should be supporting you to make positive life changes and progress. To survive tough times and move on. To give you relevant information that YOU can work with. All psychics should be big enough to refer you to another good psychic if they don't believe they are the best person to help you at the time. (This goes for Healers too, some have great strengths in certain areas)
If you don't come away feeling empowered or with ongoing support for turning to the right people to help you through, ask for more information or to be referred to someone else.
1. All psychics are not created equal. They/We are people. Our life attitudes and destinies bring in certain guides that we work with. Some are higher, some are lower. Some are Guides you want guidance from and some are just plain horrible spirits that bat on low level teams.
2. Psychics receive information in different ways. Some feel, some see, some hear, some just know. They can all have off days, and sometimes, they just won't resonate with you and you won't resonate with them. You can get up and walk away if you feel like this person is not on your wavelength.
3. If a psychic tells you that you MUST leave your partner, listen closely, check how you feel about the psychic, how you feel about the information, ask where the information is coming from. Do NOT blindly follow guidance. Relationships are important for your growth. Hearing you MUST split may light the rocket you need under your butt to make a change to strenghten your relationship. Painful relationships teach us a lot. Dangerous and violent relationships are another story. You DON'T need a psychic to tell you to leave a relationship that is violent or dangerous, you and your children are precious. Danger and violence are dealbreakers. Take responsibility for yourself and get out. Also know this: If you are worried about whether your relationship is right for you - then you have work to do on yourself. Find out what it is and get started. All conecutive relationships will offer you the same problem until you have resolved Your Issue. Your partner will only reflect YOUR issues to you.
4. Remember a Psychic needs to feed their children. It's all very well to say it's a gift so you shouldn't charge money, but readings take time and time is money. Try shopping at the supermarket and paying for your groceries with unconditional love or try telling Kiri Te Kanawa that her voice is a gift (and you know it is) so she shouldn't charge for it. An energy exchange is necessary on some level for everything you do in life.
5. Often you will get a validation on your views of your life and where you are going. This is important, because you second guess yourself and give yourself a hard time and naturally you just don't listen. A reading is a business transaction and that makes a difference. You listen if you have paid money and the reading echoes what you thought. Sometimes a reading is all you need to say AHA and then off you go into your future with a little more strength, conviction and courage.
6. Word heal, create, and destroy. Listen carefully. Sieve through what you hear. Some of it will sound crazy. Trying to shape your life to fit your Reading is a silly idea. I've done it. It's a waste of time. Later on, if you took notes you will look back and say Blimey - I thought it was pink and it turned out to be magenta with polka dots.
7. Spirit time is not the same as human time and they get it wrong sometimes. Just accept this.
8. After a Reading the weight of the world should be OFF your shoulders, not on it.
9. Sometimes when a psychic is inaccurate you will say "AHA she was wrong." However the course you took as a result of the Reading will put you somewhere you needed to be. Pull up a soft chair, look at the big picture and see how that has worked out. Guides will sometimes send through info that will send you along the garden path a little cos you needed to smell the roses. Never be too big to change your mind or follow your heart and if a Reading makes your heart feel sore, investigate what your heart is trying to tell you. Maybe it had to feel sore so you would locate it - cos sometimes your head will put you crook. Listen to your heart.
10. Don't bang your head on a brick wall. Leopards are always going to be spotted regardless of whether this is inconvenient for you. A psychic cannot make anything happen for you. Getting mad with Psychics is a waste of time. I have also done this.
And sometimes even though it won't work out this way, a Psychic will tell you your ex is coming back, because if she or he doesn't you might not survive. A Psychic has also done this to me, and I got mad with her too, but it was very necessary at the time. A broken heart can sometimes be a broken spirit and a broken spirit can kill a person. And take note: When you have a broken spirit - you need a good Healer, not a good Psychic.
And remember the best thing you can do for yourself, in fact the most crucial, is to establish a high quality, high level link with your own Divinity. You are also Psychic, you just haven't necessarily developed it yet.
If there is anything contained within this, that you need to discuss - please contact me.
Love and Blessings, Deb X
(C) Deb Wharfe, April 2011

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