Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reiki arrived in my life on a Friday...

Reiki arrived in my life on a Friday. I woke up thinking, hmm maybe I should go and have Reiki at some stage? I hadn't experienced it and didn't know what it was apart from knowing the lady over the road liked it and it felt good. I was working for myself then, doing readings and selling jewellery and gifts from my beautiful Studio at home.
The following week a man arrived in my Studio, bought some crystals, sat down at my table and asked me if I did healing.
I said no, but I might get some of the local Spiritual Church healers to come and do a workshop at my place. He told me that I would be healing, become a Reiki Master and teach large groups of people. He gave me a phone number and off I went to his Reiki Teacher, Sonja Carlile.
I had a beautiful day with Sonja in Waiuku and after my Level 1 Reiki Class I came home, feeling a little light headed and excited, and wondering if I could "really do it".
I slept soooo well and was looking forward to using Reiki. I had homework, practice Reiki on myself for 21 days - I had two young sons and thought it would be good for the children too.
As is often the way, the boys shared a bunk bed. My older son Caleb woke up very early the following morning and uttered the words no mother wants to hear "BLEEEEAAARGH I'm gonna be SICK" As he hopped out of bed I leapt up on 'autopilot damage control mode' praying for him to avoid vomiting on the carpet..... and then the weirdest thing happened. He ran around the corner and into the bathroom, leaned over the loo making awful noises, I was right behind him and put my hands on his back, saying "Don't be sick don't be sick" He gave a half heave and breathed in and said.. "Oh, wow - I don't feel sick anymore, in fact..... oh, I'm a bit hungry." I watched in stunned amazement as he left the bathroom and went to the dining table.
I was standing there wondering what happened and then realised my Reiki had switched on automatically as my hands were almost glowing. Caleb ate a huge bowl of cereal and went off to school right as rain.
Reiki has helped my family many times since and I have been priveleged to share it with countless people. It has definitely changed my life for the better and brought me many amazing experiences on my journey. The simplest and most graceful form of healing, anyone can learn it, as you are attuned by the Master. I felt scared when I went along because I had a bad memory and low self condfidence, but I was so reassured and then came to understand, that Reiki is a process that you learn by doing. It'is a blessing in my life, and can be the same for you.
We have been doing Reiki before time began, and all we need is guidance and reminding.

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