Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 'Words Are Magic' Rant...

As I sort through stats on why I ask for the weekly text message - DeLightScope - to be supported or sponsored, I wish to share with you a few insights.

I just read something on the net which said "The road to no-fear is scary." and it struck me how true that is.

Our youngest suicide victim appears to have been around 6.

And we’ve had 10 recorded as that – ten children under 10 years of age in the last 5 years. But more not recorded that way – apparently it's been a practice of the coroner to list a suicide as an accidental death in cases of young children.

Because it is just too devastating for families to deal with the label ‘suicide’ alongside the already devastating loss they are going through.

Being abused by someone with power over you can easily create a situation where you believe there is no way out. And when you are small, and frightened into submission with strength or threats, help seems impossible.

So there are times when I understand.  

We have lost 2717 people between July 2007 and Jun 2012 to suicide.

Bird flu or any other flu is a total ‘walk in the park’ compared.

I want to talk more about depression. We don't just have a problem with depression, we are good at it.

Here in New Zealand we have a massive problem with happiness. And the need to cut down tall poppies or rain on peoples parades. Having simple fun is sometimes still frowned upon as if the party lights should be out and the black-out curtains pulled firmly down.

But the war is over.

Peace is trying to invite you in.

And yet we resist it. Why?

Focusing on the depression isn't uplifting and while it provides support - it isn’t the answer, all we are seeing is more depression.

What we pay our attention to becomes our reality. Our attitude IS everything.
What we dwell on is what we eventually dwell in.

To me, depression is multilayered.
Sometimes it's a deep and powerful life crisis that brings grief.

It can be:
A powerful sulk.

Chemical or hormonal imbalances come into play.

Spiritual energies get out of balance.

A willingness to hold onto hurt, blame, guilt, shame and the ‘way things could have been.’

A refusal to take responsibility and sometimes it’s avoidance of engaging with life.

And in some cases it can be an identification with the pain of humanity. 

I’ve been in the ‘dangerzone’ and I know I was experiencing all of these things.

Sometimes it is a multilayered life crisis.


One thing is true.

I have been happy when I had very little.

Depression is not caused by poverty.


It’s enhanced by it perhaps.


Depression is caused by pressure. Pressure to conform, to succeed, pressure from self, pressure from society. Sometimes it’s caused by overload of being too chosen and too responsible for everyone and sometimes it’s caused by not feeling chosen, special or by being left behind.

Words cut and maim peoples psyche.


Could you imagine for example, being told you were stupid and ugly all your life?

Some of you have lived through this.

You may still be carrying the scars inside you. They can be removed.

When someone says ‘I love you’ it’s the most amazing thing in the world. When they say ‘I don’t love you’ or ‘I love someone else’ it’s incredibly devastating. And when you had your life all mapped out, it can have the effect of derailing your whole train.

That is a life crisis. You are fully within your rights to have a melt down, but don’t – for God’s sake as well as your own, and everyone else around you – don’t just automatically tell yourself you are depressed. Words are powerful.

Humans have a right to process emotion in any way necessary.

I never called myself depressed, because I believed the power of the label was huge. Some people will attach you to that and there you will stay.

People around me must have realised I was, or at least suspected it as I walked around in a fog.


In cases where someone is ‘diagnosed’ with something – there have been misdiagnoses as well.

Get second opinions, self medicate with gentleness as much as possible, ask ‘where am I hurting myself?’ How do I feel about this situation? that situation?, often people feel trapped and it’s about taking personal power back. We think we have to be nice all the time, and we only have to do our best. Sometimes someone else is energetically leaning over us and that can be awful.

Oppression can feel like depression. You are not as trapped as you think you are, but an oppressor will have you disempowered enough to believe it. Ask.


Ask yourself – if I wasn’t so scared, how would I be experiencing this?

And get energetic help if you need it.

Everyone could do with an energetic scrub. Imagine feeling as if all the layers of ‘stuff’ you have been carrying around are cast off? You are lighter, freer and feel  younger and more able to be you.


I work on clearing life situations all the time. And the energy around them.

And you may not realise how very simple that actually is – because we are led to believe things are hard.

We are the Kiwi’s – we have a myth that says we are tough, resilient and we can struggle our way through anything. If you are identifying with that, you are identifying with hardship.

The word struggle and it’s similar friends can be struck from anywhere you use it in your vocabulary to make your life instantly easier.


My friend Pryce told me a little story a while ago, and I’ll share it.

He broke his arm or wrist – I’m not sure which and the Doctor told him he would take six weeks to heal. He was spending a lot of time training and was really challenged by this. He likes to think he is tough and a whole lot of other things. And why not.

He made up his mind that six weeks wasn’t good enough, and said “NO. I will heal my body in three.”

He did, and was back in the gym fast.

His comment that sticks with me is this… “It was then that I realised Winning is a form of magic.”

It’s true.

So simple. Which shows us again, what we dwell on is what we ultimately dwell in.

He created his own miracle.

It’s possible he could have said two weeks. What else is possible?

When I was having my children, as all Mums might, I came to a moment when all the birth horror stories got me. I panicked a bit and then consciously decided that giving birth was simple.

People do it and keep working with their baby strapped to their backs. Why could that not be possible for me? I could have an easy, short birth. After all – and I apologise here if this is a bit much for the fainthearted – ‘what goes up, must come down’.
My experiences were both good. It's not the whole answer, but it's good to be open to this.  


You create your world. You really do. You have the power and if you feel like you don’t then you gave it away, or someone took it from you. Most likely, believe it or not, just with words.


 If you are having trouble (having trouble is the same as struggling) letting go, you can have your ‘aha’ moment about what right you have to control the way someone else lives. You can have your ‘aha’ moment about what right they have to control you.

You can have your moment of recognition about clutching the past and failing to see the incredible present or the shining future because your hands are full of dust.

There is absolutely NO MAGIC in holding old emotional pain. Come on.

Who does it serve? The past is an idea in our minds.

Sometimes NO is the best friend you could have.

When you say YES all the time, people forget to notice you have needs.

YOU forget to notice you have needs. After a while (and this may be once a month or more for the more hormonal ones) something is triggered in you that says HEY!!!

'What about me? It isn’t fair… I’ve had enough, now I want MY share…'

If you are a child of the 80’s you’ll remember the song and you may be singing...

If you can identify with that in any way, it would be great if you bring life back to basics.

If you want ‘more’ – take a look at what this more is. It’s my bet it’s not a thing, rather it’s a feeling.

A feeling of wellness, fullness, being loved.

We can eat all we like, but if we are not spiritually full – and I don’t mean spiritually as in running round constantly going to prayer meetings, churches or workshops, I mean – if our spirit isn’t nourished - we are sometimes stuck. Lifeless, blocked. Call it what you like. 
Ordinary people talk about being in high spirits, low spirits, having broken spirits, we all have a spirit. And there is a spirit of enterprise, a spirit of sportsmanship – some bad, some good.
It's an essence.

Depression is a symptom of a squashed spirit. I’m not saying you are broken.

Take your spirit out. Listen to it. Smooth it out. What does it need?

I’ll give you a couple of clues.

Gentleness is a biggie.

No nitpicking. No self recrimination. The past is done, you can’t go back and change anything, but you can change the way you view it and change the way you feel about carrying it around.

Punishing yourself (your spirit) with ‘could haves’ or ‘should haves’ or regrets is not going to get you out of this sulk, or this horrible hole.

Good food, friendship and sometimes that means you have to learn how to be a friend so you can make some, self love – yes I know that is hard – but have a good listen, if the voice that you use to nag yourself sounds suspiciously like your Mother – tell it to go have a cuppa. She may have been programmed by the fear that was left over from surviving a war. Post traumatic stress disorder – was/is a life crisis. Medicating a person may appear to be necessary and sometimes, maybe it is necessary, but soothing the spirit is crucial.

Soothe yours.

You are not what you have been told. You are not bad. You are not ‘not good enough’.

So what if you have been judged?

So what if you don’t conform to someone’s narrow minded ideal of who you ‘should’ be?

Let them look after their own dirty laundry before they try sorting yours. It’s your business who you are. We don’t have the right to sit in judgement over each other – we really don’t. There is not one person on the planet with your experience, your makeup, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise.

If you have done the best you could with what you had – it’s enough.

And there are days when doing the best you could have included being a grump. So what?

You have been sometimes hanging onto the planet by your fingernails.

It’s tough here. All you were doing when you did that; was recognising it’s tough.

And getting through.

Sometimes you should have a medal, but nobody tells you how amazing you are. Or you are so numb to the fact you might be, that when they do – it doesn’t sink in. Because soothing yourSelf is not a priority.

Staying upright is.

So my suggestion, if you are finding it hard to stay upright, is actually to lay down. Imagine you are rubbing balm on those scars. And breathe.

If you close your eyes until they are almost shut and you can see little sparkly things darting about – you will be looking at life force energy. It’s called Chi in China, Ki in Japan and Prana in India.

Scientists call it orgone, bio plasma and other names.


When you breathe in this energy, you are breathing in a perfect, untainted energy that has the universal  idea in it. It’s not the same as the energy you have contained in your body. This energy has all your ideas in it. If they are not supporting your best benefit, they will be stopping you from feeling great. This is a truth more than any other that you will probably read today.


Breathing is good for you – no kidding? You say…

 If you will pardon the very obvious fact that it supports your life - breathing with this knowledge of ki, chi etc  and an intention to circulate wellness – has the potential to also change your life.

I’ll say it’s words that are a form of magic and if you have ever been ‘spellbound’ by a book, movie or story – you will know exactly what I mean.

With each word you speak about yourself, your life experiences, expectations etc – you are weaving the magic story of you.

It’s the way you use them that creates the magic and that is why the DeLightScope is such a powerful tool for the upliftment of humanity. Because people need grace, kindness and gentleness and they need their power back.


Make sure your magic works for you in the best way possible.
And if you need me to help you do that - I'm here.

 Deb x



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