Sunday, January 20, 2013

Please show me the way...

If you are complaining in any way about how your Dream Life feels out of reach,
ask yourself this…

“would my Dream Life contain me, standing in the middle of it complaining?”

If you are complaining - you may be actively working against Dream Life because you are focusing on negatives – flip the negative round and look at it from another side – it will be an upside down opportunity. Repositioning brings blessings.

So welcome it energetically. Hold the thought of your Dream Life in your mind, breathe in and breathe out and just transport yourself there by imag(in)ing that you are already in it.

How will you feel?

What amazing things come into your mind when you are doing this?

Where are you? Have a look around.

Now draw a cord from yourSelf to the actualisation of that Dream Life and imagine you are pulling yourself along the cord, gently, slowly. Take a step.

Open your eyes and consider this…

In order for you to be in your Dream Life – you have to know/feel that you deserve it. Know that miracles are possible, and not only that – your world is flooded with them, when you have the eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to feel.

Your ‘dream’ life is only a dream because you are not fully engaged with it yet.

Tell the Universe you understand (if you do) that you are here for your special mission and you are willing to pick up the cord and use it as a handrail to steady yourself with as you walk along your path. If you get lost or feel you have strayed off your path, spiritually reach out again for your ‘handrail’, steady yourself by breathing. And take baby steps.

One at a time builds your confidence. Make a little time to sit still and let the Universe know you are open to the messages and suggestions you need to know to get sorted.

You’ve got work, the most blissful, blessed work to do.

Love your work, Miracleworker, keep on keeping on.
It’s all worth it.
Your best friends are these five words "please show me the way" and if you couple them with a willingness to follow hunches (another words for divine inspiration) then the world is your oyster...
Are you open to receiving grace?
"I am open to receiving grace."
Wishing you blissings and blessings.

Deb x

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