Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'Food' for Thought...

On the health and wellness wagon, even though I am still writing in pajamas because that's what Divas do sometimes.
Louise Hay sometimes does it till lunchtime..... she told me herself.

My friend in the USA who is a bit of a guru on these matters says that there is a big swing back to raw and natural which, by now we all know.
No eating food - or drink for that matter, that has been through too many processes to get it to the table.
And I'm going to bang on about SOY. I never touched it and now I know why, I'm allergic to it. (being the biggest GMO crop - the idea made me squeamish)
There is a massive segment of the population who think they are doing themselves a great favour drinking it.
Maybe for some people its ok. I'm not here to scare you - just get you thinking. 
Are you drinking it? Is it ok for you? Do you know, really know? Are you gambling with your health?
Would you be better off with no milk, goats milk, rice 'milk' (which makes me feel funny) or almond 'milk'?
Soy does not come from a little soy cow, and if I am allergic to it, some of you are too.
It takes about 7 processes to turn it into milk substitute.
We are the only species on the planet that continue to drink milk into adulthood.
And we do not even drink our own.
My point is blind faith can kill people or at least make them sick.
And we all heard years ago that eggs were the number one enemy of cholesterol - we stopped eating them till the false alarm bell rang, whew - wonder what that did to the egg farmers though Huh?

Try muscle testing, hair testing - ask questions.
If you can growl about how you feel investigate what kind of fuel you are running your 'human vehicle' on. You truly do get out what you put in. I'm not going to tell you that you can't have a glass of wine of anything like that, and I don't mind if you run slower than I do to a shoe sale, it's just about being aware. And about being on your own side, helping you.
We are called the Human Race for a reason - well a couple that I can see.
One is that we are rushing round like silly buggers half the time and forgetting to smell the roses, and the other is because our body is our vehicle. And you don't expect a race engine to run on diesel.
The side effects of an allergy filled diet include aches and pains. They show up with various assorted names and sometimes like a mystery illness and the Doctor can't figure out what is wrong with you. Or worse gives you medication you don't need.
Here is my newsflash for the day - old age is not meant to hurt. Stuck energy and toxicity does though. So if anyone told you that you are just getting old and have to put up with it - question that too. And google 80 year old gymnasts and weightlifters. They are out there.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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