Friday, July 6, 2012

Breaking away from what you know

It's a hard thing to do.
Breaking away from what you know sometimes involves a leap of faith that is just too hard for people to comprehend.
Maybe they have been raised in an environment of fear and to them, the fear is so overwhelming and prevalent in their lives and in their emotional field, that it feels like they are unable to do anything else.
As to separate themselves from what is known is like taking poison.
I have had experience when healing - of offering the chance of complete release to people and seeing their struggle to hold on to the way they have always done it - from fear of reframing their existence.
What if? What if they accept this gift called life and it turns out to be just another bum deal?
What if?  What if they try out a new way and it doesn't serve them?
Always it's judgment that prevents the leap of faith, so it's very important to support them to a space where they can come to understand that the judgment is merely an idea and ideas can be dismissed.
There they find peace and we have a release.

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