Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Give it the A.R.S.E...

Give LifeAche the A.R.S.E.
If there is nothing you can do about someone or something, moaning or getting mad or sulky isn't going to help.
Let it go.
If someone left you or ran off with someone - let them. If they can't see your magic - they are not your person. Be grateful they have left a space for someone who will, and then go out and BE magic.
To do that - you're going to have to let it go.
If someone was trying to control you - you would get mad.
If a situation had you hostage - you would be sad.
Let it go and it won't, they won't, let it go and you will feel better.
Focusing on misery doesn't bring you freedom, joy or anything good. It just makes you worse.
Let it go.
Adjust your goggles.
You are made of stronger stuff.
Don't tell me you are falling down, I've seen humans getting up from worse. I don't believe in your powerlessness. But I see you believe in it.
Let it go.
You will not only release yourself from ties/bondage or being a victim, you will be lighter, fresher and more able to focus on the present. You are not looking at the magic if you are a grouch.
And grouches hate magic - it's stupid and uplifting and joyous and childish, but hey - if you want to stay there... in GrouchLand... be my guest. 

Or take your power back and give all that misery stuff the A.R.S.E. - be braver about joining in to life, and if you have trouble, or you don't know where to start - come see me.
I have a map to a different place that will do you wonders.
I call it treasure island, but really it's just the magical part of you - and I know it's in there.

Let that go and you will unleash miracles.
And then you're cooking.

Anyone that can put down the 'stuff', starts enjoying themselves, has a smile on their face and is open to a little bravery or adventure is shaping up to be a little bit sensational...

Now... what would it take to get you there?
Deb x

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