Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Know You - A Poem for Deb, by Gill Gibbs


I know the child in you

The little girl who, through vividly blue eyes

Sees a rainbow coloured world glittering in all its glory.

The one whose spirit dances to the melody of shimmering silence

And who plays with imaginary friends sporting angel wings.

The little girl who in her quest for knowledge

Asks a million unanswered questions

Knowing there is nothing new to be learned here

Simply, that truth and wisdom will long since be remembered.

I know the perfect child in you.

I know the woman in you

The glorious goddess manifesting her life purpose

Wholly by believing in the guidance of spirit.

The daily struggle to accept herself

Not for all the things that aren’t good enough but rather,

For all the things that are absolutely perfect.

This beautiful, radiant, passionate romantic heroine

Who in her own naivety possesses an irresistible magnetism

That is your soul made visible; the discovery of your glorious

authentic self.

I know the perfect woman in you.

I know the Mother in you

The supreme nurturer who relentlessly strives to honour an essential union,

Entrusted with the guardianship of another soul

The inherent nature of which, is akin to the simplicity of breathing.

Who feverently supports, cajoles, admonishes, defends and unconditionally loves her children,

As she watches their miraculous journey into adulthood.

The Mother who lives by the grace of invisible bonds

Connected to her children in ways that cannot be fathomed.

I know the perfect Mother in you.

I know the teacher in you

The woman who carries forth inspiration like a mantle;

Lessons and wisdom painted across the journal of discovery

Who in the elusive search for a soulmate, struggled to find herself.

The teacher in you was born the student

Learning sacred lessons through passion, betrayal and forgiveness.

One day you stopped chasing the wrong dream and trusted in the deeper intention of your heart.

It brought you home to who you really are

Look in the mirror and recognise your authentic self.

I know the perfect teacher in you.

I know the healer in you

The woman with a perfect capacity to love the world and;

Whose willingness to see the potential in every soul

Unlocks a boundless power that manufactures miracles.

The woman who transforms ordinary to extraordinary

And awakens the eternal innocence at the heart of everyone.

By trusting the wholeness in herself as well as others

The healer creates freedom for growth and healing

Where empathetic grace brings light to shadow.

I know the perfect healer in you.

I know the love and light in you

The Woman whose intuition and perception is born

From a magical existence beyond our remembering.

A spiritual mystic walking a path of divine compassion

Illuminating hope where there is suffering and fear.

Whose resilience and faith in the mystery of the universe

Allows the light of truth to heal the heartbreak of life itself.

The Woman who possesses an inner luminosity that is priceless

And an inner power that is divine love.

I know the perfect love and light in you.

I know the divine grace in you

The choice to stand in a field of infinite possibility

Where in a moment of sacred connection with all life

You recognise the power held by the consciousness of love.

The woman who lives what her heart knows rather than what she sees

And who trusts implicitly in what truly inspires her.

In doing so, she understands her sense of belonging to the whole

And she gains access to an inner guide that is the carrier of truth.

I know the divine grace in you,

I know you.

Gill xo

(C) Gill Gibbs
- written for Deb Wharfe.                                                                                                                       



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