Thursday, February 9, 2012

Falling into Grace

Eagle Nebula, Nasa Images
When we are in our place of light, that gold bathed area after a healing when all the world has faded away and we are just held in the beauty of truth. That feeling we have in our body/field right then - that is who we are. Bliss is ours by Divine right. All we are doing with this rushing to enlightenment business, is trying to get to that state of bliss and make it permanent. Here is the thing though, in order to reach that state in healing, someone connects you to the source energy. You can connect you to the source energy at any time you wish, by allowing yourself to fall into grace. Falling into grace involves letting go. Letting go of all the worries (I call them junkmail) letting go of all the attachments you have to outcomes, and trusting. If you trusted, you would know all the outcomes would be in your best benefit. To find your state of grace, you have to look for it, but once you have found it all you have to do is practice a little and it's there as soon as you remember you are connected to it. The funny thing is, some people would called that 'healed' - but I think it should be called 'held' - held because you are held, gently, safely, lovingly in the arms, wings or the heart of who you truly are. And that, my Dears is most definitely grace. 
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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