Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everyday Grace, Marianne Williamson

I love this book, it starts with a great metaphor about Harry Potter, Muggles and magic wands, which totally resonates with me as I’ve been using Harry Potter and fairy tales to teach children and adults for a while.

Marianne Says:
“Each of us carries in the depths of our consciousness, a box of mystical tools. And central to our tool box is the magical wand. A wand is not just silliness from children’s literature.

Fairy tales are rife with archetypal truths that teach not only children, but open minded adults as well, deep and fundamental truths about the nature of reality. A wand is a medium of power, not just for wizards, but for you and me.
A wand is essentially a principle, an intention, a focused thought. When a focused thought is negative, it creates ill.
And when focused thought is loving and enlightened, it creates miraculous breakthroughs. A mystical wand is the illumined power that emanates from the mind when it is married to the heart.”

Marianne teaches us about ourselves. There are great prayers in this book. Her enlightened words give you the opportunity to open yourSelf to Grace in Everyday life, pointing the way to love, miracles, hope and peace.

A Must Read. 

“May we choose the Divine in each moment”

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