Monday, April 4, 2011

Transforming You

Have a glass of water, light a candle and sit for a moment just inhaling through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. Imagine you are in golden light, a bit like a spotlight on a stage. Know that you are connected to the centre of the earth.
Allow yourself to feel like the gold is swirling all round you and as you do, feel anything that has been heavy on you spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically slipping away from you and upwards harmlessly.
In your golden light there is no judgment, no harshness, nothing un-positive exists. You are feeling and feeling only. The thoughts you had are suspended while you rejuvenate and recharge yourself. This is your own personal space of grace, all is love and all is forgiven here.
Imagine or visualize the space now filling with rainbow colours, starting with red and going right through to violet. Imagine you are going past violet through peach and up to white and gold again. Breathe and sit in that space for a period of time until you feel like ‘coming back’ into the room.
Have another glass of water and sit for a bit reflecting on the feeling of light and lightness you experienced.  If you have a journal take a moment to write down your thoughts or your experience as this links you more strongly to your spirit connection next time.
Practise going into your column of light and feeling its strength round you whenever you  need  it. You need only take a minute, it’s a little like a quick meditation pick me up or a soother at night.

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