Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As you wish...

When you realise you are so much more powerful than you could possibly imagine - and that this whole journey is so much simpler with a genuine dose of grace, you will stop fighting, drop your resistance that causes you soooo much pain, and be.
You wish to believe it's hard?
I'm not here to argue with you, so I am simply going to say - as you wish.
You wish to believe you can't have peace?
As you wish.
You wish to believe you can't have healing?
As you wish.

Or do you wish to believe it's easy?
As you wish.
It's true, it's mind over matter. Sceptics will claim that when you demonstrate energy to them. And they are right. Energy and spirituality are both a form of science.
Mind science.
Don't believe in magic? As you wish.
Maybe this is more palatable to you.... As you choose.
It's really the same thing.
This life for you could be fantastic and magical, should you choose to make it so.
The power of positive thinking is well known, the power of mind over matter also well known and documented.
The power therefore is the power of words...
If you repeat words of gentleness such as grace, peace, love, tranquility, serenity, sweetness, light, harmony for a few minutes and then follow them up with some less gracefilled ones, the golden feeling of peace that arrived in your body from the gentleness will immediately depart it.

Your words, thoughts and intentions are magic.
I don't mind how powerless you believe yourSelf to be, whether you congratulate yourSelf on your scepticism, your cynicism or your protective wall you put up to lock others out.
I have no opinion about all those choices you make.
None of that makes any difference to the fact that you create as you speak, and what you dwell on you ultimately dwell in.

My question to you is this:

Whether you are happy or unhappy - what are you using your magic for?

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