Friday, February 3, 2012

Past lives...

Past lives trigger trickle down effects in current life behaviour in really interesting ways. Phobias, aversions, bad dreams etc. If you have bad dreams, don't brush them off as if they are nothing, find out what they are about and consider carefully that you may be processing something which needs to be completed and cycled out of the body. One of my own Past Life 'trickle down' experiences follows: When I am invited for dinner at anyones house I often ask them what is on the menu because I don't eat pork. I used to just tell them I was 'Jewish in a Past Life haha' and hope that they didn't probe further. But people who eat pork sometimes are crazy for crackling and they LOVE pork, so they always say 'fancy not getting to enjoy bacon - whats WRONG with you?" I tell them that I eat bacon and also ham and then get the argument that "bacon and ham ARE pork so what's the difference?" (please stop here if you are squeamish) There is a massive difference for me because although I am only 43 now I remember being a prisoner in the Second World War and along with an aversion to authority there is a memory for me that includes a smell.
In the fires after the gas chamber the burning flesh of people smelled like pork cooking, and not only do I not eat pork, but if someone was cooking it, I couldn't be in their house because it literally made me feel like running outside and vomiting.
This memory was not with me as a young child, as a young child I ate pork a few times - it kicked in at an older age, maybe late teens, something triggered it for me.
Visiting Dacchau in my twenties was a profound experience - walking through the gate was incredibly difficult and there was a photograph of one young man that I particularly identified with and was stricken by. As I walked through the gas chambers by the furnaces I thought to myself - something is different here - this is not exactly right. At the end of the visit I found myself laying down on my belly taking a photograph of the view from under the barb wire fence with such a longing in my heart that I knew I had been there before on the other side of the wires. After an acceptance of what I went through I now can be in the house while pork is cooking, the extreme aversion has left me, but I have never cooked it and still don't eat the meat.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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