Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The more of a control freak we are the more we hang on to stuff. Everything is energy. Everything. When we let go of the energy it's gone. We either hold it or we don't. If we get a kick back from holding it, ie sympathy or pleasure out of making someone else feel bad, or if we actually enjoy the pain, we are not going to let go of the energy. It's up to the individual. And when the individual realises how simple it is and all the struggle has been is a foil to blind the obvious simplicity at the heart of it all, the letting go is such a relief. Nobody has to be right any more, nobody has to win, nobody has to be the good guy, the bad guy or the bigger guy. There is no fight because everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. The struggle within is the only battle you really had, as all outward battles reflect your inward turmoil. You can run, you can punch, you can scrawl on the walls, you can swear, you can cry, you can rant, and all that does is create more energy unless you are ready to stop. When we let go of the need to let go - we are allowing instead. Allowing the magic to creep up on us, allowing the stillness to surround us. Allowing ourselves to be held by the simplicity. When we point our fingers at others we have three pointing back at us, indicating it is so much more important to ask ourselves why. When we cease pointing the finger in pain and open our arms in acceptance we bring peace.
(c)Deb Wharfe

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