Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love inspires

Love inspires creativity and freedom and should never be a prison.
Love is not target practice or name calling, love is a being space where quiet contentment rests as you bear witness to the beauty around you.
Love is knowing that even if you don't row your boat gently down the stream, the streams love will carry you as long as you are grateful for and observant of its flowing.
Love is within yo
u - its petals rest in your heart waiting for the moment to flower.
Love is a word, a look, a knowing and a calling from your heart.
Love is not reasoned out in a discussion with your mind and love is not settling for second best.
Love is about choosing yourself and infinite possibilities, it is about generosity of spirit, laughter and joy.
Love requires a clear space, fertile ground, fresh air and water and sunshine in order to bloom.
Love, like a stream flows best along the path of least resistance.
To experience great love within yourself you must be unafraid of your own shining, you must be willing to dedicate yourself both to your own capability for greatness and fully embrace your worthiness to receive and be a living expression of love. 
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012 

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