Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crappy Affirmation #2056 "There are no decent single men out there."

Crappy Affirmation #2056

"I want a partner, but there are no decent single men out there."

Now ladies who are looking for a lovely single guy - how on EARTH are you going to find love if that's your belief and what comes out of your mouth???

I BEG your pardon, but did you just say that in all the world - there are no decent men while also saying that you wanted one???

If your belief is that lovely men are mythical creatures like Unicorns, then buy yourSelf a big hanky because the Unicorns missed the Ark.

Set the Universe up with something a little less confusing.

Can you imagine the Angels trying to work all this out?

 ....."Yeah Gabriel? It's Mike here again - Ok - this lady has ordered a decent guy, but she has set her world up to not include decent guys. Get the BACK ORDER book out, and just put her name in on page 11,483,384, 333. With all the other ladies who are bitching about the world being full of assholes."

 "Oh Our God Mike - not AGAIN?! Do we give them all another asshole?
Humans are happiest when they are right Mike - what are we going to do?
They are going to say we haven’t delivered yet and that it’s all our fault!

Haven't they worked out yet that they will all be right *until* they change their minds?"

 "I know Gabriel - they could give an Angel a break... and while you are at it - you might as well tell the decent men to stay home, because these women obviously aren't ready for them."


So... the world is full of beautiful people. And if you are looking for a gorgeous man or a gorgeous woman - stop looking and be gorgeous yourSelf.

One will show up when you are having a great time and when you believe the planet is loaded with them. In the meantime... stow your crappy affirmation where it belongs - in the Unconditional Love Rubbish Bin.
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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