Saturday, August 14, 2010

Curing the incurable - A Blokes Bloke

Nicole Kidman is a fan, Sharon Stone teaches it and most recently Olympic cyclist Hayden Roulston, has been singing its praises.

Diagnosed with a fatal heart condition in 2006 which threatened to end his career, Roulston was advised by the medical fraternity that his condition was untreatable.

Reiki proved otherwise and it is perhaps one of its greatest claims to fame – curing the incurable. It is deriving increasing notoriety as an alternative therapy that can help those that traditional medicine has turned away.

A Japanese technique that treats the body, emotions, mind and spirit it is often referred to as the ‘laying on of hands’. It is based on the idea that sickness can be cured by increasing the life force energy that flows through us. As well as promoting recovery from accidents, surgery and illness it encourages relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well being.

Shane Laker, was a non believer before a local Papakura practitioner, Deb Wharfe, changed his mind. Still suffering from the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome after it had been operated on three years prior; Shane’s concern led him on a life-changing journey. When you find yourself in a place experiencing an ancient practice that you describe as ‘airy fairy’ it takes a leap of faith often borne of desperation. Shane’s healing occurred during his first session. He has a different perception on the alternative therapy now. “It’s pretty good alright” he says in a way that only a real kiwi bloke can (under the circumstances).
As a practice, Reiki is unique in that anyone can learn to channel the healing energies. It can be used as a healing treatment, or it can become a spiritual journey, a way of life that promotes healing at every level to create balance, harmony, clarity and ultimately enlightenment.

– Debbie Swanwick, Freelance Journalist

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