Monday, March 5, 2012

Replace belief with Knowing...

God, Source or the Universe moves through us regardless of whether we are consciously aware of it. We either work with it or we don't. It's there for us.
It is and isn't our power.

We are each a channel. A vessel. Each and everyone of us is incarnate - a meat suit. A face. A mask if you like, with an eternal flame that burns within us.
That flame and all matter around us links us irrevocably with Divine mind, but you can override the programming any time you want with your belief system.

What volume of or connection to Source do you offer yourSelf consciously?
If you believe you are disconnected and offer yourself on the level of 'nobody gives a rats arse and I'm all on my own' your channel for miracles for yourSelf and others will be like a drinking straw. It will be there all the same, but you will be also channelling the belief that life is hard, miracles are the things that happen to other people and surrounding yourSelf with this isn't going to bring you pleasure. You will however be right and its a very human condition to need to be right. Does being right make it feel good though?

Being a conduit for miracles is nothing to do with the ego and everything to do with knowing.

Knowing not believing. Believing means there is something to disbelieve. Knowing is full acceptance of the fact that you are walking with Source every single step of the way. And even when you have believed you weren't - you were. Once you know this, every thing that happens is an adventure to enjoy the unfolding of. Knowing makes you a firehose, not a drinking straw.

Knowing IS the miracle. Miracles surround you whether or not you are using 'spiritual manners' such as gratitude; they surround you whether or not you are wearing the eyes to see them. 

As you open yourSelf in the knowing that you are working with, simultaneously housing and contained by Source, you release all the drama by simply stepping back from it and this space is the free space your miracles arise in. 
You understand that you are held in a sea of possibilities and you can never be disconnected unless by your own belief in your 'belief' system.

How about losing some of the belief system for a bit and experimenting with having a knowing system?
(c) Deb Wharfe 2012

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